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What Presidential Candidates Can Learn from Chris Christie About the Drug Problem

In reality, those in prison for drug offenses are overwhelmingly drug dealers; they are traffickers selling drugs—large amounts—and most often with long criminal careers. It is the right public policy for these people to be in prison, because of the harm that they cause to others. They create victims, and society is right to stop them.


CAWG Leads Coalition Calling for Ethics Inquiry over Questionable Obamacare Enrollments

The signatories* of the organizations listed below respectfully request that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics investigate the senators and/or staff members that may have broken laws and committed fraud to enable senators, Senate staffers, and their families to purchase health insurance on the District of Columbia’s Small Business Exchange.


State Dept. blocked FOIA, congressional requests at Obama’s request dozens of times

State Department officials sent the White House as many as 34 different sets of internal documents that had been requested by Congress or under the Freedom of Information Act so the president’s staff could review them for potentially embarrassing information.


Judicial Watch: State Department Demands Hillary Clinton Aides Return All Copies of All Federal Records

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that the State Department, as directed by a July 31 court order, today provided the letters it sent asking for government records in the possession of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.  The Obama State Department…


Renovation Costs For Feds’ Consumer Agency Hit ‘Trophy’ Luxury Levels

“DC may be the only place on Earth where it is considered ‘reasonable’ for a federal bureaucracy to spend over $200 million to renovate a building it doesn’t own — a full $50 million more than the building is worth,” Duffy said. “I doubt that my constituents back home, who are ultimately on the hook for this boondoggle, hold the same view.”


Obama Providing Extra Million Alien Work Permits Annually

The Obama administration has issued more than 7.4 million work permits to foreign nationals from 2009 – 2014, beyond the approximately one million lawful permanent residents and 700,000 foreign guest workers admitted to the U.S. each year.


Poll: Americans, 4 to 1, choose religious freedom over gay rights

71 percent of Americans want the nation to produce “a commonsense solution that both protects religious freedom and gay and lesbian couples from discrimination.”

But by a margin of 4 to 1, they will pick religious freedom and liberty over gay rights in a culture war.


FBI looking into the security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail setup

The FBI has begun looking into the security of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail setup, contacting in the past week a Denver-based technology firm that helped manage the unusual system, according to two government officials.


Barack and Valerie’s great Communist Party marriage

[T]he fine work of Judicial Watch, which has obtained by FOIA request the FBI files of three crucial figures who formed Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s most intimate adviser. The three are Jarrett’s father, James Bowman, her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, and her grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor. Judicial Watch has posted these documents online …


Hillary’s Two Races: To Keep Ahead of the Investigators, and to Win the White House

Last week, we learned more about the extent of the Clinton cover-up. Acting on a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch, federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, a Bill Clinton appointee, cracked down on the delay tactics exercised in the effort to build a moat around her e-mails. He ordered Clinton and two of her closest aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, to “describe, under

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