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IRS boss of Tea Party probes targeted anti-Clinton group in 1990s


Cheryl Mills, Clinton cover-up expert, strikes again

Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions


Clinton: Republican field shares Donald Trump’s views

Democrat Hillary Clinton tried to tie Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from entering the country to the entire Republican presidential field last night, embracing a controversy that overshadowed the release of another batch of 
emails from her time as Secretary of State yesterday….


McCain and Obama Lobby for La Raza Support

…Congressman also secured grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development totaling $690,000 for the Rangel Center. If you ask me, all of this sounds very similar to the Clintons’ fundraising efforts on behalf of the Clinton Presidential Library, where the Clintons shamelessly traded favors (including presidential pardons) in exchange for donations to the library, which was designed to help secure the “Clinton legacy.” (The Bushies may have crossed…


The Truth Behind the Financial Crisis

…home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and felt pressure from stock holders to maintain its phenomenal growth in profits. [Emphasis added.] The article goes on to predict that such a strategy might not cause problems during times of economic prosperity but that Fannie Mae could run into serious financial difficulty during an economic downturn. And…

Clinton Foundation spinoff reverses on refiling tax forms

An organization related to the Clinton Foundation has again reversed itself on fixing errors on its federal tax filings and now says it plans to submitted amended returns….


Clinton Wants to Release His Records – Honest!

Double trouble? IRS lawyer now heads Clinton email production

It seems like all the executive agencies are intent on stonewalling Judicial Watch’s investigations. Now we learn that Catherine Duval, the IRS lawyer at the center of the Lois Lerner email scandal, is now headed to the State Department to manage the release of Hillary Clinton-related documents. …

Clinton Rolls a Sizable Pork Barrel

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

Clinton Library Received Funds from Abroad

Bill Clinton, China Linked via His Foundation


They sued for Clinton’s emails. Now they want information on California voters

California’s top elections officer and 11 county registrars have been asked to hand over detailed voter registration records or face a federal lawsuit, a request that centers on new accusations that the records are inaccurate. The effort by the conservative-leaning organization Judicial Watch seeks an explanation for what its attorneys contend are official records that don’t match the group’s estimates of the legally eligible voting population in the…

Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud

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