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Foreign Government Agents Arrested In Florida

…coordinated and participated in a series of meetings in an effort to silence the busted cash courier. The new President Kirchner, who is often compared to Hillary Clinton, has furiously denied any involvement in the fiasco and has dismissed her association with it as “U.S. garbage tactics.” Venezuela’s foreign minister accused the U.S. government of engaging in a psychological and media war against the progressive governments of the hemisphere….


Illegal Immigrants Register U.S. Voters

…when they graduate from college. California is one of nine states that offer illegal immigrants reduced resident tuition at its taxpayer-funded colleges and universities. Already benefiting from a coveted taxpayer-financed perk reserved for legal residents of the state, the illegal alien students are planning to register thousands of voters that agree with their views and can help them elect a president that is pro illegal immigrant. Both Hillary Clinton and…


State Dept. Racks Up Hefty Liquor Tab To Properly Represent U.S.

…While Americans continue to struggle financially one federal agency alone annually spends hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on booze, despite the president’s strict order to slash wasteful spending in government. Headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Department of State is known to rack up hefty yearly liquor tabs that often exceed a quarter of a million dollars, according to newspaper analysis of agency records. Officials…


Defaulted Home Loans Fund Lawmaker’s Campaigns

…A California congresswoman who happens to be a Hillary Clinton super delegate got nearly $200,000 for her political campaigns by borrowing against three separate homes whose loans she later defaulted on. Laura Richardson, who represents parts of Los Angeles County’s poorest black neighborhoods in the state House, allowed the three properties to foreclose after using them to get the cash to finance her political career. Two of the houses…


Hillary’s “Poor” Advocate Has Lavish Life

…A state legislator who was crowned national co chair of Hillary Clintonâ??s presidential campaign because heâ??s a champion of working class Latinos refuses to account for expensive luxurious trips abroad, stays at fine hotels and â??official businessâ? purchases at high-end Paris boutiques. When Clinton named Californiaâ??s Democrat Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez as a campaign national co chair, she boasted of his credentials as a former union organizer and advocate…


Napolitano’s New Adviser Supports Al Qaeda Hero

…outreach efforts include; Napolitano covertly meeting and discussing national security matters with a group of extremist Muslim organizations, the nation’s space agency (NASA) being ordered to focus on Muslim diplomacy and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signing a special order to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned them from the U.S. The administration has even ordered a government-funded meal program for home-bound seniors…


U.S. Bans Linking Terrorism To Muslims In Agent Training

…first ever congressional hearing on Muslim civil rights. Other Muslim outreach efforts under Obama include; Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano meeting to discuss national security matters with a group of extremist Muslim organizations, the nation’s space agency (NASA) being ordered to focus on Muslim diplomacy and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signing a special order to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties long banned…


DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

…a special Islam envoy that condemns U.S. prosecutions of terrorists as “politically motivated persecutions” and has close ties to radical extremist groups. The president has even ordered the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to shift its mission from space exploration to Muslim diplomacy and the government started a special service that delivers halal meals, prepared according to Islamic law, to home-bound seniors in Detroit. Who could forget Hillary Clinton’s…


House Investigator Follows JW’s Lead, Subpoenas Benghazi Docs

…Americans, the administration blamed the incident on a rudimentary Internet video deemed offensive to Muslims. This outrageous and evidently false claim was repeated by both Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in multiple public statements and press interviews. As it turns out, the original “speaking points” intelligence memo seems to suggest that officials believed from the outset that al Qaeda was behind…


Pentagon Benghazi Documents Expose Administration Lies

…of State Hillary Clinton lied about who caused the attack, blaming it on a YouTube video instead of an al-Qaeda affiliated group which supports the establishment of an “Islamic State.” Read more about these documents here. This quote from the article helps explain why these documents were not released to Judicial Watch for two years: “It’s taken Judicial Watch two years to obtain from the most transparent administration in history…


Marxist Terrorists Say Obama Will Help Them

…head of the Marxist Sandinista Liberation Front, said Obama’s presidential bid is a “revolutionary” phenomenon in the United States because he will bring great change that will offer justice and equality toward all. Last August the world’s longest ruling dictator, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, endorsed an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket as unbeatable. Now the Democratic frontrunner rounds out his communist support with the backing of South America’s most violent terrorist guerrillas….


Obama Seen As Soft On Terrorism, Racially Divisive

…or any other candidate for that matter. Obama is touring the state, which he lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, this week and appearing at a synagogue in the hugely Jewish south Florida city of Boca Raton. But members of the Sunshine State’s important constituency are turned off by Obama and would rather betray their party than support him. They say his foreign policy positions—soft on Iran and…


Florida Governor Sees Third Top Donor Indicted

…education. Mendelsohn was so tight with Crist, a former Florida attorney general, that the governor gave him a spot on his coveted gubernatorial transition team in 2006. In February a Jordanian businessman (Ala’a al-Ali) was indicted for making tens of thousands of dollars in illegal contributions to various political candidates, including Crist, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Arizona Senator John McCain. Ali, who lives in the Dominican Republic, circumvented…


Mexico Orders Release of Spies Convicted in U.S. Court

…Department’s operation responsible for military activities in central and South America. A Cuban military intelligence agent named Gerardo Hernandez was the ringleader and he’s serving a life sentence in a California federal prison. A few years ago the Obama administration quietly granted Hernandez’s wife, also a Cuban intelligence agent, a visa to visit him in jail. After 12 years of denying a visa, the State Department—under Hillary Clinton’s leadership—lifted a…


Penn. Officials Won’t Part With Tainted Cash

…Dozens of elected officials who received more than $1 million from a recently indicted mob-linked casino owner refuse to part with the money even though they got most of it right before voting on gambling issues that benefited the generous donor. The bipartisan group of federal, state and local politicians from Pennsylvania (including Democratic Governor Ed Rendell) refuses to follow the footsteps of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack…

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