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October 28, 2011Family Research Council Inc. v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 11-1550)- defense of DOMA documents

October 28, 2011Wurzelbacher v. Jones-Kelley, et al. (No. 2:07-cv-162) – “Joe the Plumber” civil rights violation

October 28, 2011Sturgeon v. Los Angeles County (No. BC-351286) – Judge pay

October 28, 2011Packer v. US Commission On Security & Cooperation in Europe, and Alcee Hastings and Fred Turner (No. 11-00485 D.D.C.)

October 28, 2011Malone, et al. v. Phoenix Police Pension Board, et al. – Illegal pension payments to Phoenix Police Chief

October 28, 2011Judicial Watch v. Department of Justice (No. 10-1783) – FOIA case for docs regarding DOJ directing funds to various organizations

October 20, 2011Alexander, et al. v. FBI (Nos. 96-2123/97-1288) – “Filegate”

August 22, 2011Appellate Court brief defending Georgia’s immigration law the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 (IIREA)

May 23, 2011Appellate Court brief arguing that non-purchase of health insurance does not count as an “activity” under the Commerce Clause

May 02, 2011In support of California citizens’ rights to defend Proposition 8 when the state government does not

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