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Top Stories Oops! State Dept. Mistakenly Sends JW “SECRET” Files Intended for CDC —– “The government agency that allowed Hillary Clinton to traffic highly classified information on an unsecure, personal email server accidentally sent Judicial Watch “SECRET” documents that were supposed to go to the Centers”…


Top Stories Judicial Watch Victory: Court Finds Federal Photography Charges against 75-Year Old Los Angeles Veteran Robert Rosebrock Violate First Amendment — “Judicial Watch announced that a California U.S. District Court has ruled that 75-year-old veteran Robert Rosebrock cannot be prosecuted for”… Judicial Watch


Top Stories Judicial Watch Statement Regarding Senate Confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch — “Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation is a great victory for constitutional government. We expect that Judge Gorsuch will continue Justice Scalia’s legacy and become a leading voice against politicized decision-making”… Obamacare Watch:


Top Stories New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Additional Instances of Clinton Sending Classified Information through Unsecured Emails, Special Favors for Clinton Donors — “The records contain 29 previously undisclosed Clinton emails – of a total of which is now at least 288 emails that were not part of the”…Read More…


Top Stories High School Rapists Entered U.S. as Unaccompanied Alien Children, Lived in Sanctuary County — “The teenage illegal immigrants charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Maryland public high school last week entered the United States under an Obama program that’s accommodated”… JW President


TIPS Axing Wasteful EPA Program that Gave Leftist Groups Millions “Racist” — “The Trump administration is being accused of racism for cutting a wasteful program that’s given leftist groups tens of millions of dollars to help poor, minority and indigenous communities attain “environmental justice.” The initiat”… Govt.


TIPS Judicial Watch Sues CIA, DOJ and Treasury for Records Related to Intelligence Leaks Regarding Investigation of General Flynn — “In its complaint Judicial Watch asks the court to order the agencies to search for all records responsive to its FOIA requests and demonstrate that they”… Judicial Watch Fight


TIPS Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Interview at CPAC: ‘Taking on Corrupt and Abusive Government’ — “Obviously we changed history with the Clinton email scandal. We uncovered it. We’re still in the middle of the email scandal. We’re still trying to get all of the emails. And frankly, President Trump’s”……

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