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Dear Supporter,

Could control of the Senate be decided by illegal votes cast by non-citizens?  There’s little doubt the answer is “yes.” We at Judicial Watch are determined to prevent voter fraud- but we need your support to do it!

Judicial Watch is leading the fight to stop illegal immigration and to uphold our nation’s immigration laws. Protecting the integrity of our elections is urgently important to our cause.

The Left plans to sow confusion on Election Day. Unfortunately, the Obama Justice Department’s unhinged attacks on voter ID show that it cannot be trusted to ensure clean elections.

That’s why we are sending a team of lawyers, observers and volunteers to New Hampshire to monitor the November 4, 2014 elections. As a key battleground state, the New Hampshire election results could possibly decide control of the U.S. Senate. Our pilot poll watching work there will help ensure the election is free and fair.

Our team members will be on the ground at polling places. They’ll be working to deter election fraud by quietly monitoring the voting process to ensure ballot clerks and other election officials are following state and federal laws that protect election integrity. And our team will focus on whether the requirements for voter ID are followed. We will also focus on whether those who want to register to vote on Election Day are held to proof-of-identity requirements under New Hampshire law. Will you help us expand this effort by donating today?

With your help, we can deter fraud and reassure honest voters and election officials.


Tom Signature Blue

Tom Fitton

PS: Our Election Integrity team members are already on their way to New Hampshire – dressed warmly and ready to go! When they land, I’d love to be able to tell them the Judicial Watch membership is standing with them. Thank you!

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