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FAA Fails to Follow Up on Safety Violations Even When Carriers Self Report

…Six years after Congress learned that the federal agency in charge of aviation safety ignores serious violations that endanger the public, the culture continues and the details are documented in a distressing government audit released this month. It’s a truly unbelievable tale of incessant negligence—and corruption—on the part of a huge government agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), tasked with protecting millions of lives. In 2008 two FAA inspectors…


FAA Computers Repeatedly Hacked

…safety. The information was revealed in a lengthy report published this month by the Transportation Department’s Inspector General. Investigators found that, just last year, hackers took control of FAA servers and could have seriously disrupted the agency’s mission support network by shutting them down. In Alaska, hackers took over FAA computers and became “insiders,” according to the report. In Oklahoma hackers stole an administrator’s password and installed malicious codes that…


Whistleblowers: FAA Ignores Serious Safety Violations

…record-keeping rules that endangered the public. Testifying before a House Transportation Committee, the aviation safety inspectors—Douglas Peters and Charalambe Bobby Boutris—said that Southwest specifically hired former FAA inspectors as compliance managers because they were tight with the current government inspectors. As a result the carrier was allowed to slide on numerous crucial inspections involving fuselage cracks that should have been repaired under FAA rules, according to the whistleblowers. The cracks…


FAA Reversal On Record Disclosure

…true threat of flying whether it be presented by birds or other safety issues. The FAA has traditionally been very secretive and quite deceitful with Americans. Last year two FAA inspectors testified before a House Transportation Committee that they were threatened with dismissal after reporting a major U.S. airline’s serious safety violations to agency supervisors who had cozy relationships with the carriers. A few years ago a congressional investigation blasted…


FAA Chief To Head Firm She Regulates For Govt.

…In a move that raises serious ethics questions, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has accepted a job as head of a powerful trade group that represents major firms her government agency regulates. As head of the FAA for the last five years, Marion Blakey has been the nationâ??s top aviation regulator and she has overseen and awarded lucrative federal contracts to many of the firms that…


U.S. Certifies Airline Mechanics Who Can’t Speak English

…by step. The mechanic is then required to list every action taken so that the next mechanic knows exactly what has been done. Because the international language of aviation is English, if the mechanic can’t read or speak the language, he can’t read the manual or record his activities. One frustrated FAA mechanic who works at a Texas aircraft repair station says he has colleagues who “don’t have a clue”…


FAA Forced To Disclose Records

…air carriers from reporting damage caused by birds. This week Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood overruled the FAA’s attempt to withhold the records, ordering the information to be posted on the internet by week’s end. LaHood, who as a congressman sat on the House Intelligence Committee for 8 years, reasoned that if CIA torture memos were made public bird-strike reports should also be available. The newly released FAA records reveal that…


Feds Lose Track Of More Than 100k Airplanes

…aviation safety is missing key information on more than one-third of the country’s 357,000 private and commercial planes, even though federal law requires all U.S. aircrafts to be registered with the FAA and carry the registration certificate on board. The crisis has been building for decades, according to the national news agency that broke the daunting story this week. It says that the FAA’s records are in such disarray that…


$11Million Air Safety Probe Kept Secret

…25,000 pilots in its scientific survey to track air safety problems and accident precursors. The FAA, which is in charge of aviation safety, immediately challenged the validity of the surveys when preliminary results indicated higher numbers of bird strikes and other safety risks. Plenty of cross agency bickering and millions of dollars later, the project is officially dead with no safety statistics available to the public. The FAA has a…


JW Exposes Daschle Sleaze

…air-charter company owned by a family friend after one of the planes crashed in 1994, killing four. While at the FAA, Linda Daschle acted to exempt the friend’s airline from intensified safety inspections. * Linda Daschle’s client, Boeing, is attempting to strike a sweetheart deal to lease 100 aircraft to the U.S. military. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the lease plan will cost taxpayers $37 billion, while outright buying…



FAA Chief’s DUI Resignation

On August 29, 2011, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood launched a multi-year advertising campaign called: “Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over,” according to the agency’s website. Click here for the press release on the campaign. On Saturday, December 3, 2011, Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt was pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving in Fairfax, Virginia after a trooper saw him driving on the wrong side of the…


High Risk Of Catastrophic Runway Collision

FAA, the federal agency in charge of aviation safety. The agency has for years been in hot water for failing to address the widespread practice of aircraft violating crucial safety zones around runways. At Los Angeles International Airport, for instance, the negligent practice has caused a record number of close calls in the last year and a half, according to the report. Investigators also found that the rate of serious…


Terrorists Keep U.S. Aviation Licenses

…two of the individuals (Abdel Basset Ali Al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhima) are wanted by the FBI for the 1988 Lockerbie airline bombing. Others include an Iranian convicted of trying to ship jet fighter parts to Iran and a Lebanese living in Michigan who was convicted for trying to provide military equipment to the Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah. The FAA even reissued the commercial pilot license of a southern California…


Atty. Gen.’s Personal Travel $155,800

…He has taken costly personal flights on government jets almost every weekend since he took office less than a year ago. According to Justice Department and FAA records obtained by a major news organization, the journeys have cost taxpayers $155,800. The attorney general took so many trips to his New York home on government planes that he was away from his Washington D.C. office more than a third of February,…

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