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Jun 22, 2000 Contact: Press Office


Ray Had Probable Cause To Indict Hillary Clinton

Former Clinton Chief of Staff Thomas McLarty Testimony Laid Travel Office Outrage at Hillary Clinton's Feet

(Washington, DC) Independent Counsel Robert Ray used "flawed reasoning" in refusing to indict Hillary Rodham Clinton for lying about her role in the Travel Office firings of innocent career civil servants, announced the public interest law firm Judicial Watch, Inc. Judicial Watch represents Billy Ray Dale, the former head of the Travel Office.

"The standard for indicting an individual is ‘probable cause,' not ‘beyond a reasonable doubt,' as Robert Ray implied in his statement on why he had declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for lying about her role in Travelgate. It seems that Mr. Ray wasn't looking to the law in deciding whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton for the Travel Office outrage -- but to politics," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Former Clinton-Gore White House Chief of Staff Thomas F. McLarty, III testified on August 5, 1998 that Mrs. Clinton instigated the Travel Office firings:

"I believe (David Watkins) said Mrs. Clinton had mentioned the [alleged Travel Office] improprieties to him....Mrs. Clinton stopped by my office and told me that she had raised these matters with Mr. Watkins. I told her I had already learned that from Mr. Watkins and, as I remember it, she said fine. I just want you to be aware of it."

McLarty also testified that he understood from his conversations with her that Mrs. Clinton wanted him to take a particular "course of action."

McLarty's deposition testimony came in Judicial Watch's $90 million class action lawsuit on behalf of those Republican staffers and others (including Mr. Dale) whose FBI files were wrongly obtained by the Clinton-Gore White House. Mrs. Clinton is a defendant in this lawsuit.

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