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Dec 21, 2000 Contact: Press Office


George W. Bush Cabinet Appointments Please “The Left”

    “. . . the [Bush] Cabinet is shaping up as more moderate than had been expected by Bush opponents. Kate Michelman, president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, expressed concerns about a few finalists but added, ‘It is notable that he has put together a Cabinet that is of great diversity in terms of racial, ethnic and gender representation.’”

    Mike Allen, The Washington Post, Thursday, December 21, 2000, p. A8

(Washington, DC) The Cabinet of Governor George W. Bush will include not only pro-choice advocates such as Secretary of State Colin Powell and EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, but now also the darling of liberal economists Paul O’Neill as Secretary of the Treasury, in a rush for so-called bi-partisanship allegedly furthered by the close election results. Young George Jr. has revealed that he is very much his father’s product and, indeed – while memories seem to be running short -- George, Sr. was never the favorite of conservatives.

There is a mood among some conservative circles today that they will accept any actions by George Jr. simply because he is the successor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore. This attitude, however, is ripe with danger, since he obviously feels he has “carte blanche” to appease liberals and others. With George W. Bush’s refusal to address the crimes of the Clinton-Gore Administration (he wouldn’t even appear at Judicial Watch’s Ethics in Government Presidential Debate (Al Gore had accepted at the time)), and his failure to challenge the RU 486 abortion pill, conservatives have to be asking the question: Whether they have supported a “closet” moderate or liberal in the mold of his dad?

“Judicial Watch is non-partisan and neither opposed nor supported any Presidential candidate. However, we are conservative and conservatives believe not only in life, but also in truth and justice. We do not need to appease others to stand up for our own principles, and getting down on one’s knees to the opposition is not the way to win respect,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

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