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Jun 21, 2001
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$2 Million in Unreported Campaign Contributions for Hollywood Gala Fundraiser

Judicial Watch Client Alleges Pardongate Role by Former DNC Chair Ed Rendell And Names Major Hollywood Stars Such As Brad Pitt and Barbra Streisand As Witnesses

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, filed a lawsuit yesterday in California state court against Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign committees (among others) on behalf of a major Clinton and DNC donor, Peter Paul. Mr. Paul, an international businessman who has had a distinguished career in philanthropy and in production and marketing, gave approximately $2 million in direct, in-kind contributions last year for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Mr. Paul gave the money in support of the “Hollywood Tribute to Bill Clinton” held on August 12, 2000. The lawsuit seeks damages from the Clintons and others over the fraud scheme. Among the lawsuit’s allegations:

* Mr. Paul paid the $2 million to the Clinton campaign as part of a $17 million offer to Bill Clinton to work with Mr. Paul’s companies after he left the Oval Office. This contribution was never reported to the Federal Election Commission, and Mrs. Clinton and her campaign lied to the media about the contributions and Mr. Paul’s funding of the gala tribute.

* Mr. Paul discussed a potential presidential pardon for prior felony convictions in return for his political contributions with then DNC Chairman Ed Rendell.

* The Clinton campaign knowingly allowed a foreign national to attend the “Hollywood Tribute” in exchange for a $27,000 contribution. This foreign national later attended the India State Dinner.

* After telling The Washington Post that they did not and would not accept any contributions from Mr. Paul, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign finance director, David Rosen, demanded Mr. Paul make another (never reported) $55,000 contribution for a separate fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton to a third party – a pro-abortion group in Illinois.

* Mr. and Mrs. Clinton made repeated calls to Mr. Paul to thank him for his financing of the Hollywood Tribute. Mr. Paul also had extensive discussions with Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore, and many aides and others to the Clintons regarding his funding of the Hollywood Tribute and his plans to work with Mr. Clinton after he left office.

* Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta, and Cher, are named as witnesses in the complaint.

Mr. Paul has documentary evidence of his close relationship with the Clintons, including checks, thank you notes from the Clintons themselves, and candid video and photographs. Mr. Paul, who faces indictment on alleged securities violations, is eager to cooperate with the U.S. Justice Department, so that all involved are brought to justice.

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