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Jun 26, 2001
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Over 60 Major Judicial Watch Victories

Made Possible with Your Support

(Partial Listing)

invented the widespread use of civil lawsuits against corrupt politicians, government officials, lawyers and judges to obtain justice, since government cannot police itself

Unprecedented Criminal Finding Against Bill Clinton

1. Judicial Watch obtained the only court ruling that President Bill Clinton committed a crime when he violated the privacy rights of Kathleen Willey. Since others assisted Mr. Clinton in this case and because Hillary Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal, Bruce Lindsey, David Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Charles Ruff are involved based upon sworn White House interrogatories, they are effectively included in the Court’s findings as well.

Key “Chinagate” Victories So Far

1. Judicial Watch and Judicial Watch alone uncovered the entire Chinagate scandal in 1995, starting with a Freedom of information Act request to the Commerce Department. Chinagate is the most serious scandal in U.S. history. It involves the transfer of America’s most sensitive technology, including but not limited to nuclear missile and satellite technology, apparently in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee.

2. Judicial Watch obtained a court judgment against the corrupt Clinton-Gore Commerce Department in the Chinagate scandal, which found that evidence had been destroyed and testimony falsified.

3. The Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Columbia, ruled that the Commerce Department still has not complied adequately with Judicial Watch’s lawful subpoenas and has appointed a magistrate judge to oversee Commerce’s production of documents, including phone records, e-mails, memos, and other evidence concerning key defendants and witnesses. As a result, the Chinagate case is now likely to turn criminal on obstruction of justice charges.

4. Judicial Watch’s Chinagate lawsuits stopped the further sale of trade mission seats to Democrat “fat cat” contributors – a key source of funding for the Democratic National Committee.

5. To date, Judicial Watch has conducted five depositions of John Huang. Judicial Watch and Judicial Watch alone discovered John Huang working at the Commerce Department. Huang was Communist China’s link to the Clinton-Gore White House. He has been held in contempt over 140 times for refusing to answer questions and he will likely face jail time for this.

6. In court testimony secured by Judicial Watch, Nolanda Hill, the business partner and confidante of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, swore that Hillary Clinton conceived of the fundraising scheme involving the sale of seats on official trade missions, with the knowledge and participation of Bill Clinton, and former Vice President Al Gore.

7. Judge Royce C. Lamberth, in three separate court orders, ruled that Judicial Watch can undertake significant new discovery in the withholding of documents concerning Clinton-Gore Commerce Department trade missions.

8. Judicial Watch recently secured sworn testimony pointing to White House Deputy Counsel Cheryl Mills withholding documents from Judicial Watch.

9. The Clinton-Gore Administration offered to pay for all Judicial Watch’s legal costs (totaling about $2,000,000) if Judicial Watch agreed to drop its first Chinagate investigation and lawsuit. Judicial Watch refused the “bribery” attempt and instead dramatically “ramped up” its Chinagate investigations and lawsuits.

10. Judicial Watch commenced, through a judicial ethics complaint, the largest investigation of judicial corruption in the nation’s capitol, when it was discovered that the Democrat Chief Judge, Norma Holloway Johnson, was bypassing the random case assignment process and assigning Chinagate cases under the table to Clinton judicial appointees and that these appointees were holding secret meetings. As a result of Judicial Watch's complaint, the Chief Judge must randomly assign all cases. Also, in the wake of the scandal, many believe Judge Johnson was forced into early retirement as Chief Judge. Judicial Watch continues to pursue judicial proceedings into the scandal.

11. Judicial Watch has thus far successfully prevented the Federal Bureau of Investigation from silencing Notra Trulock, its client, from revealing the breach of national security at the Los Alamos Nuclear laboratories. Were it not for Trulock, the massive breach of national security by suspected Chinese agent Wen Ho Lee, and others, would never have been known and acted upon. Trulock, through Judicial Watch, has sued Wen Ho Lee and his accomplices, as well as FBI Director Louis Freeh. The Wen Ho Lee trial is scheduled for this fall.

12. Through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, Judicial Watch exposed the Clinton-Gore Administration coverup of the dangers of Communist Chinese control of the two major ports of the Panama Canal. Specifically, Judicial Watch uncovered National Security Agency and CIA documents assessing and admitting this risk, while the Clinton-Gore and Bush-Cheney Administrations continue to deny this.

13. Judicial Watch deposed and represents Johnny Chung, the only Chinagate figure who has testified truthfully. He implicated Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore in Chinagate crimes. Mr. Chung, through Judicial Watch, has sued the Justice Department for its complicity.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Acquire all Chinagate related documents, records and e-mails from the new Bush White House, Justice and Commerce Departments. Obtain more major court verdicts and ultimately criminal convictions against Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, senior officials at the Democratic National Committee and their accomplices for furthering the transfer of America’s nuclear missile technology to Communist China, apparently in exchange for millions of dollars in contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort and the Democratic National Committee.

Key “Filegate” Victories So Far

1. Judicial Watch is conducting the only on-going investigation and class action lawsuit of the FBI Filegate scandal.

2. Judicial Watch’s suits have proven that Hillary Rodham Clinton was mastermind of the Filegate scheme to use confidential FBI background files to dig up and misuse dirt on Republicans and opponents of the Clintons.

3. As a direct result of Judicial Watch’s Filegate lawsuit, for the first time in U.S. history a President of the United States has been found by a judge to have committed a crime. The Court held that Bill Clinton criminally violated Kathleen Willey’s privacy rights by releasing her confidential government files to the media in order to smear her reputation when she was making sexual harassment allegations against him. Hillary Clinton is an accomplice to the crimes.

4. Judicial Watch won a court victory to take discovery concerning the “Big Brother” White House computer database which contains the names, addresses and political affiliations of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and which is believed to contain information derived from the illegally acquired FBI files of Republicans and others.

5. Judicial Watch won a court victory to inspect White House e-mails, phone records and other White House documents related to Judicial Watch’s Filegate and other cases.

6. The courts continue to hear arguments, discovery is proceeding and depositions of top Clinton-Gore White House officials continue to be taken.

7. Judicial Watch has filed suit against Independent Counsel Robert Ray for failing to turn over documents to Judicial Watch pertaining to Ray’s bogus Filegate investigation.

8. Judicial Watch’s Filegate and related suits and investigations stopped the Clinton-Gore White House from continuing to illegally use the FBI to conduct opposition research on critics and adversaries of the Clintons and Al Gore.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Obtain court verdicts and criminal convictions of Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Al Gore for their roles in covering up e-mail evidence and collecting confidential FBI background files on Republicans and critics of The White House for the purpose of blackmailing their adversaries. Judicial Watch expects the Court to set a trial date this year.

Key “E-Mailgate” Victories So Far

(The key to “Chinagate,” “Filegate” and other Clinton-Gore scandals)

1. Judicial Watch and Judicial Watch alone uncovered the E-mailgate obstruction of justice scandal when, in the course of our investigations, we discovered that The White House illegally concealed e-mails from Congress, the Independent Counsel and Judicial Watch. These

e-mails had been under subpoena for years and were required to be turned over pursuant to law.

2. The Court has given Judicial Watch the authority to examine relevant e-mails which should yield a treasure trove of evidence for our Chinagate, Filegate and other cases.

3. Judicial Watch obtained testimony under oath from Betty Lambuth (a Northrop Grumman computer specialist hired by the White House) that senior Clinton-Gore White House officials threatened her with prison if she or her staff mentioned the estimated 1,000,000 e-mails The White House was hiding.

4. The Court has ordered lawyers for Northrop Grumman Corporation to detail any records they kept about Clinton-Gore White House threats against Betty Lambuth and other Clinton-Gore White House employees and contractors.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Obtain obstruction of justice convictions against Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore and their accomplices. Under authority granted to Judicial Watch by the Court, we hope to conduct a complete examination of relevant evidence in over an estimated one million e-mails the Clinton-Gore White House was hiding.

Key “Voter Fraud Task Force” Victories So Far

1. Within days of the November 7, 2000 election, Judicial Watch organized more than 500 lawyers and volunteers in Florida to monitor hand recounts in Florida and inspect ballots.

2. Judicial Watch was the first to utilize – well before various media organizations – the Florida Public Records Act, which allowed us to inspect ballots during the Presidential election contest period of last November and December, 2000.

3. Judicial Watch was granted official status to be present and file court briefs during the Presidential election trial before Judge N. Sanders Sauls in Tallahassee, Florida, which found in favor of George W. Bush. Judicial Watch played a non-partisan role in the proceedings – to insure that justice was done.

4. Judicial Watch conducted its own recount and issued its own report of ballots in key Florida counties to ensure that history is not rewritten incorrectly by Jesse Jackson, liberal news media organizations and other partisans. George W. Bush was declared the winner.

5. Judicial Watch’s investigation of the Palm Beach County recounts revealed that the manual recount was not reconciled to the machine recount of November 11th, but new totals were submitted anyway. A number of disputed ballots were also put in the wrong envelopes, and duplicate ballots were improperly prepared and used as replacements for allegedly damaged ballots. In addition, some ballots had chads taped back in the holes and security for ballots between recounts was entirely inadequate.

6. Judicial Watch is investigating apparent efforts by the Gore Campaign and Democratic Party to solicit the illegal votes of convicted felons while at the same time the Gore Campaign engaged in a targeted campaign to disqualify the absentee ballots of our overseas military.

7. Judicial Watch has commenced legal actions to stop the Immigration and Naturalization Service from illegally engaging in a systematic program of rushing aliens – many with criminal backgrounds – through the naturalization process to create millions of new voters, as clearly happened in Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, California and elsewhere.

8. Through INS whistleblowers, as part of the Democrats’ “Import-a-Voter” program, Judicial Watch has learned that non-English speakers have illegally had naturalization interviews conducted in the alien’s native language.

9. Judicial Watch has uncovered at least one case where an alien was naturalized when the alien had no residence in the United States, no family or business ties in this country (as required by law) and had been out of the U.S. for 11-1/2 months prior to naturalization.

10. Judicial Watch has further discovered the so-called Florida INS “backlog” program in which INS officials were awarded bonuses and extra paid vacation time if they sped up the naturalization process and exceeded headquarters’ goals in time for the 2000 Presidential election.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Stop the Immigration and Naturalization Service from illegally engaging in a systematic program of rushing aliens through the naturalization process to create millions of new voters. Stop convicted felons from voting illegally in future elections. Reform America’s electoral system to ensure fair and honest elections that will have the confidence of the American people. Bring Al Gore and others, including involved Republicans and Independents, to justice for engaging in widespread and systematic voter fraud during the 2000 elections.

Key “IRS-gate Victories So Far

1. Judicial Watch is conducting the only court-authorized investigation of how the Clinton-Gore White House used the IRS and other government agencies to harass and destroy its political adversaries.

2. Judicial Watch has filed lawsuits for Juanita Broaddrick (the woman who Bill Clinton raped), Gennifer Flowers, Johnny Chung, Joseph Farah and Western Journalism Center, Russ Verney and United We Stand America, and others against the IRS for political audits and other adverse actions.

3. Judicial Watch is defending the women the Clinton political apparatus tried to destroy with IRS audits and smears. Without Judicial Watch, these women (including Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Katherine Prudhomme, Dolly Kyle Browning, Linda Tripp and others who had accused Bill Clinton of various sex crimes and assaults) would have been unable to defend themselves. The best known feminist organizations joined the Clintons’ campaign to destroy these women. But Judicial Watch proved that it is the conservatives, not the hypocritical left-wing feminists, who genuinely care about the rights of women.

4. Judicial Watch’s investigations of the IRS have uncovered the fact that virtually every major conservative organization and publication (including The Heritage Foundation, Christian Coalition, National Review magazine, the American Spectator magazine, and many other conservative organizations and individuals) have been the target of multi-year IRS audits under Clinton’s watch. Billy Dale, who was fired by Hillary Clinton as White House Travel Office director in order to replace him with her political cronies, was also the subject of an IRS audit and politically-motivated prosecution on trumped-up charges.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Demonstrate that the Clinton-Gore White House illegally used the IRS and other government agencies to target and destroy political adversaries and other politicians. Bring to justice the Clintons, Al Gore and others for this grievous crime and thuggish misuse of government power.

Key “Castrogate” Victories So Far

1. Expected responses to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act requests revealed that the Clinton-Gore Administration and the INS collaborated with Fidel Castro’s government for Elian’s return to Cuba to deliver a huge public relations victory for Castro and defeat for the United States.

2. Judicial Watch now represents virtually the entire Little Havana neighborhood in its case against former Clinton-Gore Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner for the beating and gassing of innocent citizens. Recently, an INS whistleblower, Special Agent Rick Ramirez, has come forward to reveal anti-Hispanic prejudice among the INS agents who gassed and beat our clients in violation of their Constitutional rights.

3. Judicial Watch’s defense of the Cuban-American and Hispanic communities shows that it is the conservatives, not the Jesse Jackson liberals, who really stand on the side of genuine civil rights.

Goals For 2001-2002:

Judicial Watch will find out what the Clintons, Al Gore and other corrupt politicians got in return from Castro for their cooperation. Judicial Watch will bring to justice Janet Reno and all her collaborators (including Bill Clinton) for orchestrating the illegal armed attack on the Cuban-American and Hispanic communities on Castro’s behalf.

Other Important Judicial Watch Victories

1. Judicial Watch’s lawsuits on behalf of Don and Terri Adams (for the vicious assault on them by the Teamsters while the Adams’s were engaging in a peaceful demonstration in Philadelphia advocating President Clinton’s impeachment) has already produced two criminal indictments and ultimately triggered convictions.

2. Judicial Watch is conducting the only complete investigation of illegal fundraising activities by the Teamsters on behalf of the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election effort.

3. Judicial Watch’s suit to block transfer of the Panama Canal went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Though the Supreme Court allowed the transfer to go forward, Judicial Watch was the only organization attempting to block the transfer. Judicial Watch will continue to monitor the national security implications of the transfer with a special focus on the two ports awarded to Communist Chinese interests by Bill Clinton as part of the “Chinagate” scandal. Judicial Watch will not rest until we know exactly what Communist China got in return from the Clinton-Gore White House for these two strategic Chinese ports in America’s backyard. And more lawsuits are underway to have the Communist Chinese thrown out of the Canal.

4. Judicial Watch’s suits concerning President Clinton’s Legal Defense Trust forced the closing of the first illegal legal expense fund. Judicial Watch contended that Clinton’s Legal Defense Trust was a conduit for bribery.

5. Deutsche Bank cancelled its plans to give a mortgage to the Clintons for their home in New York State after Judicial Watch filed suit charging that the Clintons were getting preferential treatment from the bank.

6. State Farm Insurance stopped paying the Clintons’ legal bills after Judicial Watch filed suit.

7. The Clinton-Gore White House stopped its illegal assaults on Congressman Bob Barr and others after Judicial Watch filed suit on his and others’ behalf as part of our Filegate investigation.

8. Judicial Watch’s investigations and lawsuits concerning the many Clinton-Gore Administration scandals and crimes, as well as other corrupt politicians, government officials, lawyers and judges helped make ethics and honesty in government a major issue.

9. Judicial Watch investigated Republican Orrin Hatch’s involvement in the BCCI banking scandal. While the suit is in progress, Senator Hatch now is more sensitized to the need for honest government.

10. Judicial Watch commenced, through its judicial ethics complaint, the largest investigation of judicial corruption in the nation’s capitol, when it was discovered that the Democrat Chief Judge, Norma Holloway Johnson, was assigning Chinagate cases under the table to Clinton judicial appointees and that these appointees were holding secret meetings. The proceedings are underway.

11. Judicial Watch forced Hillary and Bill Clinton, through its Senate Ethics Complaint, to return The White House property and gifts which they illegally stole on their way out of The White House on January 20, 2001.

12. Judicial Watch uncovered that the illegal Clinton pardons could be rescinded now. Through its Citizens’ Call to Action project, Judicial Watch is taking steps to try to have the pardons rescinded by order of President Bush.

13. Judicial Watch obtained a court judgment against the Federal Elections Commission over the illegal sale of trade mission seats for political campaign contributions.

14. Judicial Watch has filed complaints against corrupt judges; one of whom had sex with a defendant’s wife, and another who did not do his job, but instead went to the Caribbean. This has had the effect of putting judges on notice that they are not above the law. Judicial Watch praises and gives awards to good, honest judges.

15. Judicial Watch recently filed Federal Election Commission and Justice Department complaints, when House Republican Majority Whip Tom DeLay and House Speaker Denny Hastert refused to stop selling meetings on tax policy with high Bush Administration officials in exchange for campaign contributions. This conduct, regrettably, resembles the Clinton-Gore Administration’s sale of seats on trade missions, rides on Air Force One, overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom, grave sites at Arlington Cemetery and other illegal fundraising practices.

16. Judicial Watch’s legal actions concerning improper fundraising by Representative Tom DeLay and the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) caused House Speaker Denny Hastert to side with Judicial Watch to urge that the illegal activity stop. Specifically, Mr. DeLay and the NRCC are selling meetings with Bush Administration officials for campaign contributions. Similarly, Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R. Il.) resigned from the National Republican Senatorial Committee when Judicial Watch threatened legal action over similar illegal fundraising. Both Speaker Hastert and Senator Fitzgerald did the right thing in repudiating their party’s illegal fundraising.

17. Judicial Watch instituted suit against California Governor Gray Davis over apparent attempts by California energy companies to buy influence with him through large campaign contributions. California faces an energy crisis of dire proportions, which is expected to spread nationwide. Governor Davis has sided with the energy companies over the citizens of California and the United States.

18. Judicial Watch has led the way in investigating illegal IRS audits of perceived Clinton adversaries and criminal conflicts of interest by Clinton-appointee Charles O. Rossotti, who continues as IRS Commissioner under President Bush. In addition to the illegal audits of Clinton adversaries, Rossotti continued to hold at least $14 million worth of stock in AMS -- a company he founded which does millions of dollars of business with the IRS. After Judicial Watch filed criminal complaints for this conflict of interest and delivered over 26,000 petitions to President Bush demanding Rossotti's firing, Rossotti. Responding to Judicial Watch pressure, Rossotti recently announced he would sell his AMS stock. Judicial Watch will continue to seek his criminal prosecution and firing by President Bush.

19. When it learned that Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson was meeting with donors in his government office, Judicial Watch investigated through the Freedom of Information Act. When HHS refused to produce documents about the meetings, Judicial Watch sued in federal court. This lawsuit forced HHS to divulge documents about the fundraising activity, including the names of the donors with whom Secretary Thompson met. Judicial Watch analysis of the disgorged documents showed that the donors were likely chosen for the Thompson meeting because of their donations AND their links to interests with business before HHS. The Washington Post subsequently ran a report based on Judicial Watch's work. Judicial Watch is the only known entity to have obtained such donor lists from the Bush Administration. It is illegal to use government property for fundraising purposes and Judicial Watch will seek appropriate legal remedies against Thompson for abuse of office.

General Impact Of Judicial Watch’s Activities And Cases

Today, corrupt politicians, government officials, lawyers and judges fear Judicial Watch more than any government law enforcement agency, because Judicial Watch takes action on a non-partisan basis, cannot be influenced to back-off, and gets results. Politicians of all political parties are far more careful today than they once were to stay on the right side of the law . . . because they know that Judicial Watch will move swiftly to hold any corrupt politician, government official, lawyer or judge accountable to the law.

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