Why Was Clinton Soft on Terrorism?

While Bill Clinton and IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti were both keenly aware that U.S. based charities were funding terrorists, they did nothing (while at the same time launching audit after audit against Clinton's personal enemies). When Osama bin Laden bombed embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, Clinton responded by destroying an empty camp in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in Sudan to distract Americans from the Lewinsky scandal.

Perhaps most shocking of all, Clinton's State Department funneled $4.2 million in grants to the Islamic African Relief Agency, an organization that has been linked to bin Laden and to attacks on U.S. interests-including the embassy bombings.

Indeed, throughout his tenure as President, Bill Clinton responded to terrorist aggression with passivity. The question is, why?

Several theories have been proffered. For example, former Clinton aide Dick Morris claims the Lewinsky affair made the President "risk averse and passive" with respect to bin Laden.

However, a more disturbing answer might just be found in Hillary Clinton's campaign fundraising books. Radical Islamic activists and organizations donated thousands of dollars to her campaign in an attempt to curry favor with her and possibly with then- President Clinton. The agenda of these individuals and organizations was clear.

One fundraising event in Boston, hosted by the American Muslim Alliance, was attended by 100 American Muslim leaders and activists who felt the U.S. war on terrorism too harsh. Boston, the departure point for two of the planes hijacked on September 11, is thought to be the home to a large bin Laden following.

Another $1,000 donor, Abdurahman Alamoudi, an official with the American Muslim Council, once vowed to eliminate Israel. He also boasted that he defended Palestinian terrorist Hamas before the Clinton White House.

A secret fundraising event closed to the press was held at the home of Hani Masri, a crony of Yasser Arafat. Mrs. Clinton's campaign staff tried to conceal the event, which raised $50,000.

"Hillary Clinton courted the financial support of the radical Islamic community and obviously they expected something in return," said JW President Tom Fitton. "Perhaps they got what they wanted in the form of a free pass from Clinton's IRS."