Linda Shenwick single-handedly uncovered numerous instances of waste, fraud, and abuse of power at the United Nations. That was her job. And what did she get from the Clinton Administration in return for this excellent service?

Linda Shenwick was escorted from her office during working hours by armed guards like a common criminal and forced to go on leave without pay. She was then transferred to government jobs unrelated to experience and unworthy of her skills. She was isolated and forced to work under humiliating scrutiny. And then she was fired.

Now, Judicial Watch is fighting to get Linda Shenwick’s job back. On November 21, Judicial Watch delivered 33,580 petitions signed by its supporters asking George W. Bush to rehire Linda Shenwick so she can continue her important work on behalf of the American people.

A Distinguished Career

Linda Shenwick was the kind of government worker that would make any American proud. She worked hard and won commendations from her superiors. Ultimately she earned a position as the U.S. mission’s expert on United Nations finance and management issues, serving as a watchdog on behalf of American taxpayers for waste, fraud and abuse.

Among the discoveries made by Ms. Shenwick and shared with Members of Congress:

  • Gross nepotism at the U.S. Mission to the U.N.;
  • Conflicts of interest in appointments and contracting;
  • Misrepresentations by members of the U.S. Mission staff of the existence and waste and mismanagement at the U.N;
  • Failure by U.S. Mission staff to deal with overbudgeting of U.N. peacekeeping operations, resulting in the “overbilling” of U.S. taxpayers;
  • Theft and mishandling of cash in U.N. peacekeeping operations in Somalia;
  • In short, Linda Shenwick learned that the U.S. mission was squandering American taxpayer dollars. Putting the U.S. Constitution ahead of political expediency, Ms. Shenwick decided to alert Members of Congress and the American people to the corruption she had discovered at the U.N.

    The problem, however, was that some in the Clinton Administration had a vested interest in keeping her quiet.

    Harassed and Persecuted

    Many in the Clinton Administration, most notably Madeline Albright, the former Ambassador to the U.N. and Secretary of State, kept a close watch on Ms. Shenwick. They were big believers in the U.N. “one world” concept and recognized that any bad publicity could jeopardize future funding for U.N. staff and programs.

    Albright ordered Ms. Shenwick to stop talking to the media and Congress about conditions at the U.N. When Ms. Shenwick refused, Albright orchestrated a campaign of persecution and ultimately ordered her dismissal.

    “Linda Shenwick is an example of what is right in America. She put the interests of the American people ahead of her own political ambitions,” said JW President Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch intends to fight until Ms. Shenwick is rightfully restored to her previous position.”