Justice Draws Near for Bill and Hillary
At Long Last Peter Paul to Have His Day in Court!

Peter Paul is like other victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton in many ways. A one-time political ally, he was left twisting in the wind in a Brazilian jail cell the moment his usefulness expired, his life destroyed. But Peter Paul is unlike many other victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton in one important way. He has the hard evidence to bring them to justice, and now that he is back in the United States, the opportunity as well.

On October 14, Peter Paul took his first determined steps on the path to justice by officially filing a lawsuit against Bill and Hillary Clinton for fraud, conspiracy, and unjust enrichment.

"Peter Paul's case against the Clintons is strong," said JW President Tom Fitton. "Now that Peter is back in the United States we can push forward aggressively and finally bring the Clintons to justice for their fraud and deceit in this latest scandal."

According to the complaint filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, JW alleges:
  • Peter Paul "spent approximately $1.9 million [on a Hollywood Tribute for Bill Clinton and fundraiser for Hillary's Senate campaign], not including the fair market value of his own services in acting as executive producer of the event and the fair market value, estimated at an additional $1 million, of the services rendered by eight world class artists who performed." The event brought in an additional $2 million to Hillary's campaign warchest.
  • Hillary's National Finance Director David Rosen repeatedly promised to Paul that he and Mrs. Clinton's U.S. Senate campaign would make sure his contributions were allocated and reported to federal election authorities in a manner that complied with all applicable laws and regulations. They failed to do so, placing Paul in serious legal jeopardy.
  • In exchange for Paul's contributions, and a compensation package worth an additional $15 million, President Clinton promised to work for Paul's companies after he left office. A relationship between Bill Clinton and Peter Paul never materialized.
  • Paul protested as expenses for the event ballooned from an agreed upon amount of $525,000 to almost $2 million, but was repeatedly threatened by agents of the Clintons to keep the money coming or his business relationship with Bill Clinton would not materialize. Immediately after the event agents of the Clintons coerced Paul to keep silent about his key role in its production.
  • After denying to The Washington Post that Mrs. Clinton did not and would not accept any contributions from Paul, Mrs. Clinton's campaign forced Paul to make an additional $55,000 contribution to a political party in New York on behalf of Mrs. Clinton. Clinton's campaign staff never reported the contribution.
  • The only reports made by Hillary's Senate campaign staff to the FEC regarding Paul's involvement in the gala are false. They reported, for example that Stan Lee Media, Inc., not Peter Paul, made a contribution of $366,564.69. Stan Lee Media, Inc. never made this contribution and Paul's contributions, as previously discussed, exceeded $1.9 million. The campaign staff also reported a $100,000 fee paid to Glen Smith, a CBS producer who helped organize the event. Paul paid Smith in excess of $880,000.
Paul has hard evidence to prove his case in the form of handwritten thank you notes, canceled checks, photographs, and videotapes. And then, there is the long list of witnesses. Many celebrities who were in attendance heard Hillary Clinton personally thank Paul for producing and underwriting the gala.

"There is nowhere left for Bill and Hillary to hide," continued Fitton. "They were obviously hoping Peter would rot in his Brazilian jail cell and never return to push his case. They underestimated Peter's will to seek justice."

In addition to presenting his own case against the Clintons, Paul, who is in federal custody, has cooperated with Justice Department officials who are "very much interested" in pursuing campaign fundraising violations by Bill and Hillary.