Media Pursues Hillary in Paul Case
New York Senator Refuses to Answer for her Role in Illegal Fundraiser

The media recently turned up the heat on Hillary Clinton regarding her involvement with Judicial Watch client Peter Paul. In the wake of Judicial Watch's filing of a new lawsuit in its case on behalf of former Clinton fundraiser Peter Paul, the Associated Press repeatedly sought the New York Senator for her comments, receiving nothing but a cold shoulder in return.

"Clinton's Senate staff did not respond to the Associated Press' repeated requests for comment over two days," AP reporter Don Thompson wrote on October 23.

"Truth fears no inquiry," remarked JW President Tom Fitton. "If Mrs. Clinton is innocent, she would gladly answer any and all questions related to this case in order to clear her name. The fact is she's guilty. We know it. Mrs. Clinton knows it. And once she's forced to answer the tough questions in a court of law, the American people will know it too."

Judicial Watch filed its lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Paul in Los Angeles County Superior Court on October 14, alleging fraud, conspiracy and unjust enrichment. Among the allegations made in the complaint:
  • Peter Paul "spent approximately $1.9 million [on a Hollywood Tribute for Bill Clinton and fundraiser for Hillary's Senate campaign]. This figure does not include market value of his own services in acting as executive producer of the event, and the fair market value of the services rendered by eight world class artists who performed, estimated at more than $1 million." The event brought in an additional $2 million to Hillary's Senate campaign.
  • Hillary's National Finance Director David Rosen repeatedly promised to Mr. Paul that he and Mrs. Clinton's U.S. Senate campaign would make sure his contributions were allocated and reported to federal election authorities in a manner that complied with all applicable laws and regulations. They failed to do so, placing Paul in serious legal jeopardy.
  • The only reports made by Hillary's Senate campaign staff to the FEC regarding Paul's involvement in the gala are false. They reported, for example that Stan Lee Media, Inc., not Peter Paul, made a contribution of $366,564.69. Stan Lee Media, Inc. never made this contribution and Paul's contributions, as previously discussed, exceeded $1.9 million. The campaign staff also reported a $100,000 fee paid to Gary Smith, a CBS producer who helped organize the event. Paul paid Smith in excess of $880,000.
In fact, prior to filing his lawsuit, Mr. Paul languished in dirty, dangerous Brazilian jail cells while awaiting extradition to the United States. During that time, he was repeatedly interviewed by federal investigators. Now that he is back in the United States, Mr. Paul is eager and able to fully cooperate with federal and state officials who are investigating the scandal. Moreover, he has all of the hard evidence he needs to prove his case.

"He gave the money. The checks don't lie," said JW President Tom Fitton. "And the records clearly show that Mrs. Clinton's campaign never reported the contributions to the FEC. This is a clear cut case with solid evidence and Judicial Watch looks forward to moving ahead aggressively in court."