I, Gary W. Aldrich, wish to make the following statement:

1. I am a twenty-five (25) year veteran Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). For the last five years of my FBI career (1990 - 1995) I was assigned to the White House where I performed background checks on White House personnel.

2.I have personal knowledge of the matters attested to herein.

3. On August 11, 1993, Craig Livingstone requested that I meet him in the White House Office of Personnel Security (OPS). Livingstone ordered the staff out of the office and took me into the office security vault, where he closed the door to insure absolute privacy. We discussed the tragic death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster and the existing personnel security vulnerabilities, shortcomings and backlogs, among other topics. Livingstone complained that he lacked credibility and authority in trying to institute a serious legitimate security program within the White House. I offered to speak with White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum to help improve security. Livingstone looked incredulous at the mention of Nussbaum, and dismissed the notion of speaking with him. Livingstone then stated that we should talk to "Hillary." I was flabbergasted at his suggestion, and worried that I might be jeopardizing my FBI career by discussing such matters with Mrs. Clinton. Livingstone assured me that "Hillary" was the one to talk to about security matters. Livingstone said that he would be speaking with Hillary Clinton that evening aboard Air Force One. He stated that Mrs. Clinton would understand the risk I would be taking, but that I should not worry because he thought she would not do anything to hurt my career. Livingstone claimed to know Mrs. Clinton well enough to be able to assure me that she would be interested in my observations and recommendations concerning security. Livingstone stated that Mrs. Clinton was the only one who could change things. I reluctantly agreed to Livingstone’s proposal. Livingstone never mentioned his planned meeting with Mrs. Clinton ever again.

4. In late February or early March 1993, I offered to drive Associate White House Counsel William H. Kennedy III to National Airport for an airline flight. On the way, Kennedy asked me what kind of person would be suitable for taking the position that Jane Dannenhauer had occupied. Kennedy wanted to know what kind of person the FBI would want to see as the Director of Security. I told him that the Director of OPS should be squeaky clean, meticulous, careful, discreet, mature and someone with a depth of understanding of security issues. Mr. Kennedy asked hypothetically if a fellow like Craig Livingstone would be acceptable if he had character issues. I explained that the FBI would probably be most comfortable with someone that had a squeaky clean background and security experience. Mr. Kennedy made it clear to me that Livingstone did not have the background, education, skills, training or experience for the position. Mr. Kennedy told me that Livingstone’s job assignment was a moot point because, "Hillary wants him [Livingstone] for that slot."

5. Mr. Livingstone told me he was party to a meeting where it was decided that members of the Travel Office staff were to be fired and their cases referred to the FBI for criminal investigation.

6. Mr. Livingstone involved himself in issues outside of personnel security at a time when Clinton staffers and volunteers without security clearances routinely roamed the White House. Mr. Livingstone was frequently absent from the OPS office. Based on my considerable experience as an FBI agent, trained in security matters, and my experience at the White House, OPS was operated in a way that resulted in personnel clearance paperwork and investigative backlogs, simultaneously contributing to security vulnerabilities at the White House.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on this _______ day of August, 1999. _____________________________

Gary W. Aldrich