I, Christopher B. Emery, wish to make the following statement:

  1. I was employed at The White House as a computer specialist from January, 1986-March 1987, then as a White House Usher, assigned to Executive Residence Usherís Office, from March 1987 to March 1994.
  2. I have personal knowledge of the matters attested to herein.
  3. During my tenure in the Clinton White House, I observed Hillary Clinton conduct meetings, without the President, with principal members of the Presidentís senior White House staff and political advisers in the White House Residence. Among those who attended one or more of these meetings were: Vice President Al Gore, George Stephanopoulos, Stanley Greenberg, David Gergen, Paul Begala, Thomas "Mack" McLarty, and James Carville, among others. Mrs. Clinton held these meetings in the White House residence.
  4. I recall instances when the Secret Service notified The White House Usherís Office that Mrs. Clinton was in the Oval Office for periods of time while the President was "off site" or out of The White House complex.
  5. In late July-early August 1993, I attended a White House meeting of Usher Office employees conducted by Roy Neel (then-Assistant Chief of Staff). Neel informed us that a note attributed to the recently deceased Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster had just been found and that in it was written, among other things, "The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC." We were assured by Neel that, despite the allegation made in the document (which I know to be false), no internal White House investigation of the Usherís Office would ensue. The next day, Usher Office staff, including myself, believed that some investigating was going on.
  6. In late November-early December, 1993, I received a package of forms to fill out for a FBI background reinvestigation. Included in that package was a questionnaire, under the letterhead of White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, I had never seen before which asked questions that I felt to be invasive of my privacy, including questions about my memberships in clubs and organizations. I complained to Gary Walters about this form. I was informed by Walters, who I understand checked with either The White House Counselís Office or the Office of Personnel Security, that I was required to fill in this form.
  7. I also complained to my supervisor Gary Walters that a background investigation by the FBI had just been conducted on me two years earlier in 1991. It was my understanding that a background reinvestigation would not be required until 1996, since they were normally done every 5 years. I also complained to Nancy Mitchell, a member of the Usherís Office staff who was its "liaison" with the Office of Personnel Security and White House Management and Administration Office, about the premature FBI background reinvestigation.
  8. In fact, since the forms required for the FBI background reinvestigation required much time to complete, I asked Ms. Mitchell if I could resubmit the forms I had completed in 1991. I was informed that my request had been turned down and I resubmitted new forms for the FBI background reinvestigation. I refused to turn in the questionnaire which asked questions about my memberships in clubs and organizations. After that, I was never informed as to the status of the FBI background reinvestigation.
  9. Sometime subsequent to the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster, I came across several boxes labeled "Mansion Records" in a closet in The White House Residence office used by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I was told by Gary Walters, my supervisor, and another White House usher, that these boxes came from Vincent Fosterís White House office.
  10. The room in the White House Residence where the Rose Law Firm Billing Records were reportedly found was, in my experience working for the Clinton White House, rarely accessed by any individuals other than the President, the First Lady, and their immediate staff.
  11. On March 3, 1994, I was involuntarily terminated from my position as White House Usher, the first such termination this century in the Usherís Office. The reason for my termination, as conveyed to me by my supervisor Gary Walters, was that Mrs. Clinton didnít feel comfortable with me. Up until the day I was terminated, no one in The White House ever mentioned a performance problem to me; nor was I aware of any complaints about my work. In fact, all my evaluations were exemplary or of the highest rating.

I swear under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on August __, 1999 _____________________Christopher B. Emery