I Sherry Rowlands, hereby declare:

1. I make this Declaration based upon personal knowledge, of my own volition, and not because of ant inducement, promise or threat of any kind.

2. I had a professional relationship with President Bill Clinton and Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s political advisor, Dick Morris, when I lived in the Washington, DC area. I saw Mr. Morris on a weekly basis from April 14, 1995 through August 22, 1996. I spent substantial time with Mr. Morris on more than forty (40) occasions during that one-year period.

3. I am not a politically active person. I do not belong to a political party, nor do I have an interest in any political organization. During the course of my relationship with Mr. Morris, I came to understand the high levels of government in which he circulated. I worried that if our relationship was exposed I might be exploited in some way. Out of fear for my own safety and security, I kept a diary wherein I recorded statements Mr. Morris made to me. Copies of my diary entries for June 24, 1996 are in the possession of Richard Gooding of Star Magazine, Michael Isikoff of Newsweek and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

4. Mr. Morris routinely told me details and insights concerning the personalities and inner workings of the White House. Mr. Morris often confided in me about things I he had learned from being, as he told me, a political consultant to and as a representative of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I was privy to White House information, policy decisions and speeches before they were scheduled, announced or acted upon. Mr. Morris encouraged me to listen-in on telephone conversations he had with President Clinton. On June 24, 1996, I asked Mr. Morris who was behind the Filegate scandal. Mr. Morris responded, "It was Hillary in 1993. She ordered them. She’s a paranoid lady – she did it." I said, "Doesn’t that create a lot of ripples?" Mr. Morris said, "Yeah, the Hillary Twister."

5. I understand through press reports that Mr. Morris has denied his response to my question concerning Filegate in paragraph 4 above. I believe Mr. now says that he based his statement to me on "polling data" or words to that effect.

6. I stand by my original contemporaneous diary entry in paragraph 3 above. Mr. Morris never mentioned polling data, public opinion or what "everyone thinks" in his response to my question, nor did he lead me to believe his unequivocal statements came from anything other than his personal knowledge as the political advisor to, and representative of, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Date: August 5, 1999

____________________________ Witness:_________________________

Sherry Rowlands