Drudge: [Linda Tripp has stated] . . . "I was taping to save my family."

Goldberg: I know . . .

Drudge: . . . "save my well-being." With Bruce Lindsey out there telling her "we'll destroy you."

Goldberg: Well [Linda] is going . . . she has now accepted this . . . the subpoena from Larry Klayman, who is the lawyer who has the subpoena power on the FBI . . .

Drudge: Now, when is that, when is that going down?

Goldberg: She . . . she . . . I think its going up like the September 6th and she has agreed to do that and she . . . Linda has never talked about . . . eighty percent of what she knows about is not Monica.

Drudge: Oh, really.

Goldberg: She knows the FBI files, the travel office. Her office was right next door to Hillary's, and she watched these oriental gentlemen . . . beautifully dressed with briefcases, coming into Hillary's office day after day after day.

Drudge: Doing what?

Goldberg: Well . . . we would think that there was cash money. . . we didn't know it . . . she didn't know it at the time, but now she's got an idea.

Drudge: Boy Larry Klayman . . .

Goldberg: But she . . .

Drudge: . . . is going to get her on videotape and ask her these questions?

Goldberg: Well . . . not about the Chinese gentlemen. She . . . will be asked about the FBI files, that she has a lot of new information about. And she will talk about it. She. . . this is . . . these are videotaped depositions and Larry Klayman as we know is not shy about releasing every bit of information he has during depositions.

Drudge: Let me get this straight. Chinese gentlemen with briefcases walking into private oval office settings . . . First Lady settings.

Goldberg: Right. Right.

Drudge: . . . and into Hillary's office. . .

Goldberg: Right.

Drudge: Has there been testimony on that.

Goldberg: There may have been. I don't know.

Drudge: Boy that's . . . I . . . just lost my teeth. Indeed, this story, the full story has not yet been told. Again . . . one of my sources said once the Starr report comes out, the only way you'll recognize Clinton is by the dental records. So . . .

Goldberg: Clever person.

Drudge: We'll let you go. Saturday night, I know, is your night off. You've done a lot for the country, Lucianne. You know you own a piece of my heart and . . .

Goldberg: Well. Matt, you started it. If it hadn't been for your twenty-four [hours] seven [days per week] arrangement on the Internet, no one would know this stuff, and I hope people realize that.

Drudge: Is that because you really couldn't find anyone in Washington to tell the story? Isakoff tried. They killed him out that weekend.

Goldberg: Well, he . . . he tried very hard. Eventually he was able to do it.

Drudge: And didn't you know who was partying with the President of the United States on Friday night up in Martha's Vineyard but Katherine Graham . . .

Goldberg: Right.

Drudge: Katherine Graham. I wonder if she would have party-ed with Nixon in that summer of '74 that has so many parallels to the times were living in.

Goldberg: I don't think so.

Drudge: Thanks for joining me.

Goldberg: Thank you, Matt.

Drudge: Sleep tight.

Goldberg: God's speed.

Drudge: All right. Lucianne Goldberg., who told Linda Tripp, "Tape him. It's the only way you'll get him. The story's so fantastic you won't believe it otherwise."