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Judicial Watch • Clinton Back in Hollywood Fundraising Game

Clinton Back in Hollywood Fundraising Game

Clinton Back in Hollywood Fundraising Game

Judicial Watch

Less than a year removed from the indictment of her National Finance Director for failing to report the cost of a celebrity campaign fundraiser, Hillary Clinton is back in the Hollywood fundraising game. This today from

“For someone who’s not running for the White House, Hillary Clinton will certainly look like a presidential contender Thursday as she embarks on a swing through Hollywood.

“Democrats in the entertainment industry, who started the year fatigued and frustrated following their unsuccessful effort to elect John Kerry, have been emboldened by recent political setbacks for President George W. Bush and other Republicans, and they’re planning no fewer than three fund-raisers during the New York senator’s West Coast trip.

“Events include a $500-per-person reception at the home of Rob Reiner and a $1,000-per-person brunch hosted by film producers Bruce Cohen and Dan JinksDan Jinks. Television producer Marta Kauffman will also welcome Clinton to her home for a fund-raiser.”

Hillary’s reunion with her old Hollywood friends certainly raises suspicions. During her Senate 2000 campaign, Clinton defrauded the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Senate by failing to report a $2 million contribution from former JW client Peter Paul in the form of a celebrity fundraiser. Paul noticed the omission when reviewing Senator Clinton’s campaign finance reports. Hillary’s National Finance Director, David Rosen, was indicted in the matter, but later acquitted after the Justice Department presented a watered down case. (Justice Department lawyers had no interest implicating Hillary in the scheme and left key evidence off the table?)

Judicial Watch recently launched a program, “Hillary Watch 2006” to track all of Hillary’s campaign reports and filings to the Federal Election Commission. For more information on JW’s efforts to hold Hillary accountable for her transgressions in 2000, including JW’s Senate ethics complaint, click here.

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