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A story about a thug-like, convicted private detective to the stars in today’s New York Times fails to mention his well-documented connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Could it have been an honest exclusion or one of many examples of the “mainstream” media’s enamor with the former president and his wife?

Bottom line is that Anthony Pellicano, currently serving a 30-month federal prison sentence for illegal possession of firearms, is expected to be indicted on new charges in the next few weeks and many of his high-profile clients are a bit nervous since they may have to testify.

Those clients include numerous celebrities, several big time Hollywood studio presidents as well as renowned entertainment lawyer Burt Frist, who has represented the likes of Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise.

Then there is the New York senator and her hubby Bill. After all, Pellicano was a key participant in the Clinton campaign to intimidate Bill’s former longtime mistress Gennifer Flowers, whom Judicial Watch represents in a defamation and conspiracy lawsuit against Hillary and former Clinton administration aides George Stephanopoulos and James Carville.

In fact, during a jailhouse deposition in the Flowers case, Pellicano refused to answer the questions from Judicial Watch attorneys. The first couple’s relationship with Pellicano began around 1992, when they recruited him to contact and intimidate some of the women who had romantic affairs with Bill.

Pellicano also helped with damage control in the Monica Lewinsky scandal by unearthing Monica’s old boyfriend, a guy named Andy Blieler, who told reporters that Monica told him she wanted to go to Washington to earn her “presidential kneepads.”

Judicial Watch will, no doubt, continue monitoring the progress of this case and the “mainstream” media coverage it receives. New developments are expected before the end of the year.

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