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Judicial Watch • Inept New Orleans Officials

Inept New Orleans Officials

Inept New Orleans Officials

Judicial Watch

Could it be that corrupt and inept city officials contributed greatly to all the deaths and injuries caused by Hurricane Katrina? According to a former president of the New Orleans City Council and former Orleans Levee Board member that is exactly the case.

Peggy Wilson, a New Orleans city councilwoman from 1986 through 1998 and later a governor-appointed Orleans Levee Board member, has given a candid account this week on what the mainstream media has failed to say regarding the big storm’s devastating effect.

Wilson said that the levee board was well-funded but the money was not spent on levee maintenance and improvements like it should have. Rather, the board focused on widening bridges and making other accommodations for riverboat casinos, which not surprisingly, are a major source of the levee board’s funding.

She also said that some board members, including the chairman of the board, had personal relationships with companies that were contracted to perform unnecessary services for the board.

As for the most inept official, Wilson believes that title belongs to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who she says is not corrupt but rather “he didn’t know anything about city government or how to run a city?.Its just the most unbelievable ineptness.”

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