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Judicial Watch • Big-time Corruption In Tiny Virginia County

Big-time Corruption In Tiny Virginia County

Big-time Corruption In Tiny Virginia County

DECEMBER 16, 2005

From a political standpoint, West Virginia’s Logan County may be tiny (less than 38,000 residents) but Democrats have put it on the map as a hotbed of ongoing political corruption.

In the last few years, at least a dozen Democrats have been charged in an ongoing voter fraud scheme, which dates back to the mid 1990s. The latest to fall was longtime county clerk Glen Adkins, who admitted to selling his vote for $500 in the 1996 Democratic primary.

The investigation into the Democratic party’s shenanigans was launched by the FBI in 2004 and so far six officials have pled guilty. Among them is the former county sheriff, a former Logan police chief and the former president of the Veterans of Foreign War post, who embezzled post funds to make illegal political donations.

The feds say that the public corruption investigation will continue for years to come. Boxer Watch, the blog that keeps an eye on California Senator Barbara Boxer, speculates that the fierce competition within the Democratic Party in Logan led to the illegal activity and will continue to taint the area.

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