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Judicial Watch • High-Powered Explosives Stolen In New Mexico

High-Powered Explosives Stolen In New Mexico

High-Powered Explosives Stolen In New Mexico

Judicial Watch

As if the country wasn’t already on edge over terrorism and lack of national security, this week hundreds of pounds of powerful explosives have disappeared from a lab in New Mexico.

Some media outlets have labeled it the biggest explosives heist in recent history and the scary part is that it isn’t the first time lethal materials have been stolen from this particular facility outside of Albuquerque.

The facility is called Cherry Engineering, a federally certified explosives storage facility owned by a scientist at Sandia National Labs. Cherry Engineering has no guards or surveillance cameras and this marks the second theft in two years. Apparently, securing dangerous material is not a criterion for federal certification.

It should be because Federal officials say that the amount of stolen explosives would be enough to match the bomb that destroyed the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995. The material taken includes 150 pounds of C-4 plastic explosives and 250 pounds of thin sheets of explosives that could be used in letter bombs.

For those who haven’t already concluded that terrorists could go to town with this material, the Bernalillo county Sheriff, Darren White, has been quoted as saying: “In the hands of the wrong person, this material can be very, very destructive.”

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