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Judicial Watch • Hillary Clinton Gets Bashing From Left

Hillary Clinton Gets Bashing From Left

Hillary Clinton Gets Bashing From Left

Judicial Watch

In the process of creating the impression that she has shifted to the center, Hillary Clinton is alienating her liberal supporters and even some of her buddies in the media, who criticized her for cosponsoring a bill to make flag burning a crime. One columnist called it one step too far on her journey to the middle.

This week several of Hillary’s lefty pals called her a politician for hire for securing $123 million worth of grants and contracts for big corporations that contribute to her political action committee. The New York senator secured the federal money for individuals and businesses that have donated big bucks to her compaign committee. The beneficiaries range from a Buffalo nanotechnology firm to a cancer research program in Cold Spring Harbor.

Before this new development, Hillary had already been labeled “politically disloyal” by the liberal advocacy group for breaking with liberals in supporting the Iraq war and several other online blogs, such as Yellow Dog have officially withdrawn their support for the former first lady.

But don’t be fooled by the mainstream media repeatedly labeling Hillary a centrist. The American Consevative Union, the nation’s oldest conservative lobbying organization, has kept track of Hillary’s senate voting record and points out that she is still a big time liberal.

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