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Judicial Watch • There is no “middle ground” solution to illegal immigration?

There is no “middle ground” solution to illegal immigration?

There is no “middle ground” solution to illegal immigration?

Judicial Watch

Scripps Howard recently posted a story suggesting that President Bush seems to be seeking a “middle ground” approach to the illegal immigration problem in order to satisfy both sides of the political spectrum and to “woo the Latino community.”

Appearing in Tucson, Arizona?Bush reiterated his call to tighten the nation?s southern border, an appeal lauded by his Republican supporters. But his proposal for a guest worker program sounds too much like amnesty to those concerned about the stream of illegal aliens entering the country, a number estimated to have reached 11 million.

The president either fails to realize, or chooses to ignore, the fact that there is no “middle ground” when it comes to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. There is either a violation or there is not. Those who enter our country illegally should be deported to their country of origin, period. No president should be allowed to selectively enforce the law in order to score political points. In fact, if memory serves, President Bush swore an oath to faithfully (not intermittently) execute the laws of the United States.

Of course, the Bush administration’s failure to protect our borders has put a tremendous strain on communities across America struggling to deal with an influx of illegals who migrate from the southern border to points across the country. Judicial Watch is currently leading the fight to stop the proliferation of taxpayer-funded “Day Laborer Sites,” which function as employment assistance centers for illegal aliens who regularly congregate on public property in search of work. (Read more here.)

In late December, early January, JW will be in Fairfax County Circuit Court to stop a “Day Laborer Site” in Herndon, Virginia in a lawsuit that could provide a legal model for other communities who want to see their taxpayer-financed “Day Laborer Sites” put out of business. As we have said in prior testimony, and in our legal briefs, while a “Day Laborer Site” may be a convenient and well-intentioned solution to a growing problem, it is also patently illegal and, therefore, inappropriate.

Check out Malkin for some good coverage on Bush?s plan, along with some links.

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