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Clinton Officials Knew bin Laden Would Target Civilian Aircraft

A newly declassified State Department document says that more than three years before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, American diplomats warned Saudi officials that Osama bin Laden would target civilian aircraft. The National Security Archive, the George Washington University nonprofit with a vast library of declassified United States Government…

Liberals Question Their Own Laws

There is an interesting fact that the mainstream media has failed to mention in its coverage of how the relative of Mississippi’s Republican governor?herself an active party member?got a multi-million dollar federal contract for hurricane Katrina recovery. Most of the articles in major publications such as the New York Times…

Government’s “Security” Database Unreliable

When the United States Government discovered that several of the September 11 hijackers re-entered the United States despite having expired visas, federal immigration authorities announced with great fanfare a new computer database with the names of thousands of foreign nationals who evaded deportation orders. The database, called National Crime

Will Terminator Cave In To His Hollywood Buddies?

Today is the big hearing that will supposedly help California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger decide whether or not to grant clemency to a vicious murderer on death row for the last 25 years. Practically every appellate court available (including the ultra-liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) has denied Tookie Williams’…

Professor Accused of Aiding Terrorists is Acquitted

The case against a former Florida professor, accused of aiding the terrorist group Palistinian Islamic Jihad, came to an end on Tuesday with no conviction. From the beginning, the case against Sami Al-Arian was an important one in the war against terror because it relied heavily on evidence that was…

Hollywood Elite Rally For a Murderer

It’s not surprising to see that actor Danny Glover (and his Hollywood buddies) is once again rallying for a violent thug?this time a quadruple murderer on California’s death row?since that seems to be his Modus Operandi. A few years ago Judicial Watch called for a boycott of telecommunications giant MCI…

Florida Lawmakers Go For Ethics

Deep-pocketed lobbyists and many Florida lawmakers are fuming that House Republicans proposed a bill this week that will impose a much-needed ?zero tolerance? ethics requirement on all state lawmakers and many top state government officials (Tampa Tribune). Lobbyists spent at least $3 million schmoozing Florida lawmakers in the first six…

Corruption San Diego Style

Southern California’s scenic coastal city has been so badly plagued by scandal and corruption that officials have dropped the self-proclaimed logo of “America’s Finest City” (see city web site). Here is a rundown of what has been going on in San Diego lately; one of its congressmen, Randy “Duke? Cunningham,…

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