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Judicial Watch • Cuban Spies at Major U.S. University

Cuban Spies at Major U.S. University

Cuban Spies at Major U.S. University

Judicial Watch

It’s no secret that most academic institutions in this country lean far to the left and now the case of a longtime South Florida college professor turned Cuban spy helps support that fact.

For decades, the Florida International University (FIU) psychology professor, Carlos Alvarez, and his wife, an FIU psychology counselor, have spied for Cuba’s communist government by using shortwave radios, numerical-code language and computer encrypted files to send information to Fidel Castro’s intelligence commanders. The couple was indicted in Miami this week and is being held without bail because the judge believes they are a flight risk.

The charges are serious considering that, since 1982, Cuba has been on the State Department’s list of states that sponsor terrorism. According to the United States Government, Cuba remains on the list for supporting designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations and for harboring fugitives from U.S. justice, including domestic terrorists.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the media coverage expressed disbelief with several outlets reporting that there was no indication or any records kept by the college of any possible ties of spying for Cuba. The Florida Masochist points out that someone spying for another country would keep a low profile and not act like James Bond.

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