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Judicial Watch • Iraqis Captured In Mexico Trying To Enter U.S.

Iraqis Captured In Mexico Trying To Enter U.S.

Iraqis Captured In Mexico Trying To Enter U.S.

Judicial Watch

Defenders of illegal immigration that cry racism and deny national security is at stake need to start paying attention to the facts. This week Mexican federal agents arrested four Iraqis in the northern city of Navajoa trying to sneak into the United States without proper documents. Last week, two Iraqis with fake Greek passports were arrested in Tijuana, the gateway into California.

Last year, Border Patrol officials nabbed 577,418 illegals on the Arizona side of the border and 14,323 were non-Mexicans – up from 9,974 from 2004. Of those, 407 came from nations designated as “countries of interest,” meaning those that are known to harbor terrorists.

Who can forget Mahmoud Youssef Kourani who paid to be smuggled across the US-Mexico border in 2001 and later was convicted and imprisoned for providing material support to Hizbullah, a renowned terrorist group.

On a positive note, Mexican authorities work diligently to capture illegal immigrants in their country even though they criticize the U.S. for securing its borders. Michelle Malkin points out the irony, asking readers to imagine if we held Mexican “undocumented workers” in conditions like those of a Tijuana state prison. Amnesty International would be howling.

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