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Judicial Watch • Julie Myers Gets Recess Appointment From Bush

Julie Myers Gets Recess Appointment From Bush

Julie Myers Gets Recess Appointment From Bush

Judicial Watch

In an astoundingly disappointing action, President Bush yesterday appointed the inexperienced Julie L. Myers to be the head of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This recess appointment means she will only work for the next 11 months before the Senate gets to decide whether or not to confirm her.

Sadly this seems to be another example of Bush cronyism at its worst. Myers’ uncle is Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, the departing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She is also married to the chief of staff to Michael Chertoff, the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Critics of Myers say she has never held a law-enforcement management position. Myers also only has the minimum legal requirements to be appointed for her position. The law requires 5 years of managerial experience 5 years of law enforcement experience. She has 11 years combined experience.

This appointment also appears to be another signal that Bush is not serious about homeland security despite serious trouble with illegal immigrants coming through a porous southern border. “Look for illegal alien problems to get worse, not better,” writes Debbie Schlussel. “Ditto for Islamic money laundering through such means as Hawalas. The clueless Myers doesn’t have an inkling about any of this?or about law enforcement.”

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