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Judicial Watch • Clinton Private Investigator Indicted Again

Clinton Private Investigator Indicted Again

Clinton Private Investigator Indicted Again

FEBRUARY 06, 2006

Fresh out of prison after serving a 30-month sentence for possession of explosives, renowned private investigator to the stars and the Clintons, Anthony Pellicano, has been charged with racketeering for paying police officers to get him confidential records and information.

Among other things, the indictment says that Pellicano paid bribes to corrupt public officials. Not surprisingly, the media has been quick to report the names of numerous Hollywood stars – like Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Sylvester Stallone – who hired Pellicano but nowhere is there a mention of his most famous clients: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Pellicano was first hired by the Clintons in 1992 in a bid to discredit the steamy tape recordings of conversations between Bill and his longtime mistress Gennifer Flowers. Judicial Watch represented Flowers in a defamation suit against Clinton campaign officials and Hillary based on their attempts to use Pellicano’s analysis to discredit and thus defame her.

This well-documented link between the Clintons and Pelllicano is never mentioned in the media. The American Thinker points out that, although the media examined the highly questionable background of Hollywood celebrity sleuth/audio expert/guest of the federal penal system Anthony Pellicano, not once did they manage to mention his most prominent gig: “analyzing” the Gennifer Flowers tapes of her conversations with Bill Clinton, and declaring them “doctored” during the 1992 Presidential campaign.

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