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Judicial Watch • Voter ID Laws Called Racist

Voter ID Laws Called Racist

Voter ID Laws Called Racist

FEBRUARY 01, 2006

In an effort to prevent voting fraud, Ohio became the latest state to pass a law that requires voters to furnish a photo identification at the polls and Georgia is on the verge of doing so.

Twenty three states have voter identification requirements, which many civil rights groups such as the NAACP have criticized because they claim the poor and minorities will be discouraged from voting.

In fact, the NAACP believes voter identification laws are a ploy to keep the Democratic base of the poor and elderly blacks from getting to the polls. Democrats seem to agree with the assessment with one senator, Georgia’s Ed Harbison, calling it a “voter constriction bill” and another, Mississippi senator David Jordan saying that “it weakens the driving force behind the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that so many African Americans fought for.”

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, a Republican, said it is necessary to prevent voter fraud and called it a “great step forward for the integrity of our voting process.”

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