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Judicial Watch • Communists In Charge of Protecting U.S. Shore

Communists In Charge of Protecting U.S. Shore

Communists In Charge of Protecting U.S. Shore

Judicial Watch

A company owned by a communist Chinese billionaire suspected by U.S. intelligence agencies of arms smuggling and other national security violations, is in charge of safeguarding the American shoreline from nuclear threat.

The U.S. Government is in the final stages of awarding Hong Kong-based Hutchinson Whampoa a no-bid, $6 million contract that will put it in charge of operating sophisticated, American-made equipment that detects radioactive material in shipping cargo at a Bahamian port only 65 miles from the U.S. shore.

Just three years ago the Bush administration blocked the mega Chinese company from purchasing bankrupt U.S. telecommunications company Global Crossings on national security grounds. Additionally, a recently declassified U.S. military intelligence report cited Hutchinson as the smuggler of arms and other prohibited materials into the United States from the Bahamas.

Asia’s richest and most influential businessman, Li Ka-Shing, currently owns both the Pacific and Atlantic ports on the Panama Canal. In the mid 1990s, the U.S. Commerce Department documented concerns about an $88 million container ship terminal he built in the Grand Bahamas to supposedly smuggle prohibited materials into this country.

One blogger asks where is the outrage relating to the U.S. hiring a Hong Kong company to scan nukes? Another comments that this story should be the top headline everywhere yet is getting no attention, perhaps because the Dubai fiasco scared all the politicians and news people.

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