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Judicial Watch • JW Attends Rally in Support of Afghan Christian Convert

JW Attends Rally in Support of Afghan Christian Convert

JW Attends Rally in Support of Afghan Christian Convert

Judicial Watch

On March 24, a rally was held at the Afghani Embassy in support of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan Christian convert who was sentenced to death for accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. About 40 people attended the rally, including conservative author Michelle Malkin, and representatives from organizations such as Free Republic, Family Research Council and the Institute of Religion and Democracy. Judicial Watch was represented by two members of its legal team: Cristina Rotaru and Meredith Di Liberto.

The message was simple: Free Abdul Rahman.

The rally participants prayed together, chanted their support for Rahman, and spoke eloquently of freedom. This was not about partisanship or politics. Just don’t tell the media that. Several members of the media showed up for the rally and began to pepper participants about President Bush’s response to the impending execution. The number of times “Bush” or “Bush administration” was used by members of the media, far exceeded the number of times “Abdul Rahman” was uttered. Any doubt about why the participants were there though, was quickly cleared up by Cam Edwards. Edwards, a rally participant, reminded the media that the rally was not about President Bush or politics. “This,” Cam said, “is about a man in Afghanistan who is going to die because he believes in Jesus Christ.”

Fox News just reported that Rahman is now safely in Italy. Many other Christian converts, however, remain in danger. According to Christian Freedom International, thousands of Christians throughout the Islamic world are currently awaiting death sentences for their conversions.

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