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Judicial Watch • Renowned Terrorist In The Ivy League

Renowned Terrorist In The Ivy League

Renowned Terrorist In The Ivy League

Judicial Watch

While Yale University has come under fire for admitting the Taliban’s foreign secretary as a student, little has been mentioned about the government agency – the State Department – that granted the renowned terrorist the visa to attend the Connecticut campus.

Although Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi was a top ambassador for the oppressive and brutal Afghan regime that brutalizes women and adores Osama bin Laden, U.S. government officials granted him a visa to study in this country.

The State Department’s position is that being a member of the Taliban in and of itself is not necessarily grounds for ineligibility and that, based on Hashemi’s past activities, U.S. officials determined that there was no basis for ineligibility.

Never mind that Hashemi has been imprisoned at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and that for years he has defended and praised Osama Bin Laden, who he refers to as a freedom fighter. In fact, at a speech delivered a few years ago at the University of Southern California, Hashemi said that former U.S. President Ronald Reagan considered Bin Laden a hero of independence because he fought the Soviet Union, but now that the Soviet Union is fragmented, U.S. leaders have transformed Bin Laden to a terrorist.

Many Yale alums have launched a boycott campaign against the school. One Town hall columnist suggests giving the school the finger instead of money and withholding donations until the university ends the disgrace of allowing America’s unrepentant enemy the opportunity to study in the Ivy League.

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