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Judicial Watch • Terrorist Media Frozen By U.S.

Terrorist Media Frozen By U.S.

Terrorist Media Frozen By U.S.

Judicial Watch

Two years after the State Department added a Lebanese media group to its terrorist exclusion list for funding the radical group Hezbollah, the U.S. Treasury Department has finally frozen its massive assets.

The action by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control also means that Americans are forbidden from doing business with Lebanese Communication Group, which operates a satellite television station called al Manar and a radio station called al Nour.

U.S. Government officials say that the media outlets have for years supported fundraising and recruitment efforts by Hezbollah and that the television station raised lots of funds for Hezbollah through advertisements broadcast on the network.

The Coalition Against Terrorist Media praised the U.S. Government action and said that al Manar runs programming designed to recruit terrorists and incite violent attacks. An international organization, the Coalition Against Terrorist Media works to get government and public action to limit media outlets’ ability to recruit terrorists and promote violence.

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