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Academic Freedom Only For Liberals

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A librarian at a major public university was investigated for discrimination and sexual harassment simply for suggesting that students read a few conservative books. Scott Savage, head of reference and instructional services at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus recommended the books be added to a list that had been created for incoming students to read before classes started. Not surprisingly, the list featured only liberal titles.

The titles Savage recommended included David Horowitz’s The Professors, a book about the 101 most dangerous academics in America like Ward Churchill, the Colorado professor who compared victims of September 11 to Nazis and said they deserved what they got. Savage also reccomended Bernard Lewis’ Eurabia, which says Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century and It Takes a Family by Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who is pro-life and wrote the book in response to Hillary Clinton’s It Takes a Village.

Apparently, Savage’s reccomendations were so offensive that several faculty members charged Savage–a Quaker who drives to his job in a horse and buggy and embraces non-violence and peace–with sexual harassment and discrimination and the university opened an investigation. The Alliance Defend Fund represented Savage, who was ultimately exonerated, but not before being slandered on campus and in the media.

School investigators may have found no wrongdoing, but the damage was done, not only to Savage’s reputation but to conservatives in general. Savage said speech is chilled by investigations of people for complaints that never should have been filed.

Stop the ACLU says this is a classic example of liberal moon bat professors and colleges that just can’t stand it if an opposing view point is presented to their students.

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