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Judicial Watch • Clinton Gave Iran Nuclear Technology

Clinton Gave Iran Nuclear Technology

Clinton Gave Iran Nuclear Technology

Judicial Watch

It was hardly surprising to hear a former Justice Department official reveal that Bill Clinton personally approved an unusual scheme to transfer nuclear technology to Iran during his last year in office.

After all, Clinton gave lots of weapons technology to enemies of the United States during his presidency. It has been well documented that he sold missile technology to the Chinese and nuclear technology to the North Koreans that eventually enabled them to develop nuclear weapons.

The deal with Iran featured a Clinton-approved scheme, called Operation Merlin in which the CIA deliberately gave Iranian physicists blueprints for part of a nuclear bomb that helped Tehran advance its nuclear weapons development program.

Ironically, 2008 presidential contender Hillary Clinton, who always stands by her man, has been sharply critical of President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iranian nuclear crisis and has said that a nuclear-armed Tehran would be a much more serious threat to the U.S. than Iraq. Of course, she has failed to mention that her own husband gave the Iranians much of the technology.

Jim Kouri of MichNews wrote about the latest Clinton fiasco and quotes a former intelligence officer saying: “Don’t hold your breath waiting for the elite media to create a frenzy over this story. They will never hurt either Clintons with such a damning report.”

Just because Clinton’s mainstream media buddies refuse to acknowledge yet another of his outrageous moves, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. As one blog points out, Clinton is a strategic and tactical moron when it comes to national security.

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