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Judicial Watch • Lawmakers Endorse Immigrant Walkout

Lawmakers Endorse Immigrant Walkout

Lawmakers Endorse Immigrant Walkout

Judicial Watch

Though many prominent pro-immigrant organizations and officials oppose the May 1 protests, the California Senate has officially endorsed massive boycotts of schools, jobs and stores by illegal aliens and their supporters on that day.

Lawmakers in the Golden State recently passed a resolution named Great American Boycott 2006, leading one political blog to to write about how shocking it is that many California legislators frequently act more like their Mexican counterparts.

Not every leader who supports immigrants is in favor of the resolution. Cardinal Roger Mahony, the Roman Catholic Church’s highest ranking official in Los Angeles, and the city’s mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, an avid pro-immigration advocate, strongly oppose a work and school walk-out. Hispanic leaders in other areas, such as the District of Columbia, have also discouraged any kind of boycott fearing a backlash from Americans already fed up with immigration issues.

Regardless, organizers nationwide have vowed to shut down cities and halt their economies with massive marches of illegal immigrants demanding rights in this country. The leader of one group, Hermandad Mexicana, strongly encouraged children to leave school in order to express their rights. Other organizations include Latino Movement USA, which claims to defend Marxism. It’s not a coincidence that these leftwing groups picked May 1, a day associated with communism, to march. During the Cold War era, the Soviet Union and its allies forced tens of thousands of workers to attend May 1 rallies.

The marching numbers may seem huge on television, but Ace in the Hole reminds politicians and lawmakers who want to keep their jobs that there are a lot more than 12 million (the estimated number of illegal immigrants in the country) Americans here legally and they vote.

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