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Judicial Watch • Voter Fraud Crackdown Labeled Racist

Voter Fraud Crackdown Labeled Racist

Voter Fraud Crackdown Labeled Racist

Judicial Watch

A simple measure to help eliminate voter fraud has outraged liberals and so-called civil rights groups, with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) comparing it to a poll tax that creates a hardship for minority and low-income voters.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is part of the discrimination chorus and has joined forces with the NAACP to challenge the new measure in court. The measure simply requires voters to present a valid form of identification before voting.

It’s the law in a handful of states – such as Michigan and Indiana–and when Georgia recently implemented it, liberals went nuts. Actually, the state’s legislature passed the law late last year and the Department of Justice gave it final approval this week, launching the ruckus.

Even former President Jimmy Carter, a Georgia native, jumped on the discrimination bandwagon, saying that his state’s new law is absolutely obnoxious and was specifically designed to prevent old people, poor people and African-Americans from voting. This, despite the state’s offer of free identification cards for those who don’t have them.

Sounds like the former president is missing a great point that Demediacratic makes in his blog; if voters are not required to show I.D. before voting, how do you defeat voter fraud?

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