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Judicial Watch • N.C. Terrorist Charged With Murder

N.C. Terrorist Charged With Murder

N.C. Terrorist Charged With Murder

Judicial Watch

When an Iranian man slammed a sports utility vehicle into a group of university students as revenge on the U.S. government for the deaths of Muslims around the world, many wondered if he would be charged with terrorism. The question was answered this week when he instead was indicted on nine counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Never mind that Mohammed Taheri-Azar had planned the attack for months and even written a letter saying he wanted to murder Americans and preferred to use a handgun rather than drive a rented sports utility vehicle through a crowded campus plaza.

The brutal incident took place in March at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Taheri-Azar hit nine people and fortunately didn’t kill any, although it was clearly his intention as retaliation for the deaths of Muslims at the hands of Americans. That much he has admitted to authorities, both verbally and in writing.

But because he is being prosecuted in state court, Taheri-Azar will escape any terrorism charges since North Carolina doesn’t have an applicable terrorism offense that can be brought against him. The state does have a terrorism offense for weapons of mass destruction and murder but neither applies in this case.

The big question now is, will Taheri-Azar’s supporters dish out the money for his defense? Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee wonders if Chapel Hill (motto: Left of Center, Right at home) will raise monies for his defense fund, saying some other people have already thought about it.

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