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Judicial Watch • Terrorist Professor To Be Deported

Terrorist Professor To Be Deported

Terrorist Professor To Be Deported

Judicial Watch

Hiding behind the First Amendment and claiming to be a victim of U.S. government persecution, a college professor who for years denied being a terrorist, will be deported for finally admitting he is a high-ranking member of a militant Middle Eastern group.

As alleged by the U.S. government, University of South Florida computer engineering professor Sami al-Arian is in fact the U.S. leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a violent group that carries out suicide bombings and has murdered many Israelis and Americans.

Contradicting the loyal support of academics and journalists worldwide who claimed that his civil rights were trampled in a vicious government witch hunt, the terror-conspiring professor has actually signed a court document admitting he raises money and strongly supports the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Furthermore, al-Arian has confessed that he has lied about his ties to the group since allegations first emerged in 1995. His plea agreement with the U.S. government reads, in part: “Defendant is pleading guilty because defendant is in fact guilty.”

A sentencing judge in Florida called al-Arian a master manipulator and ordered him deported – to a yet to be determined country – after he finishes serving his four year, nine month sentence for terrorism conspiracy.

One national group that battles Palestinian propaganda in the country’s college campuses, DAFKA, suggests al-Arian be deported to Israel where Islamic Jihad has killed many innocent people, because if he goes to a country that sponsors terrorism, such as Syria, he will continue his terrorist campaign safely.

Not surprisingly, those who have long advocated for the release of al-Arian have been silent about his admission, leading USS Neverdock to ask if all those leftists who came to Sami’s defense will admit they were wrong? Not bloody likely, the blog goes on to say.

Among the terrorist professor’s supporters is a group that calls him an innocent political prisoner. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a non-profit that claims to provide Americans with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with the Middle East, believes freeing al-Arian will help the U.S. regain higher ground.

Jihad Watch boasts that soon Sami will bid us goodbye, but points out that he will no doubt resurface in Ramallah or Damascus as a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

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