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Judicial Watch • Clinton Corruption Is Ongoing

Clinton Corruption Is Ongoing

Clinton Corruption Is Ongoing

Judicial Watch

The scandalous Bill Clinton Pardongate fiasco reemerged this week when his brother-in-law’s bank account got frozen because it probably contains thousands of dollars from a pair of convicted felons who were pardoned by the former president.

Hillary’s brother, Anthony Rodham, received $107,000 in “loans” that he never paid back from a company called United Shows about six months before it filed for bankruptcy protection. The corrupt owners, Edgar Gregory and his wife, Vonna Jo Gregory, had been convicted of bank fraud in 1982 and Clinton pardoned them the day before he left the White House.

Now a bankruptcy trustee is demanding that Hillary’s little brother repay the money, which he began collecting a few months after the Gregorys were pardoned. Until Rodham pays up, he will not have access to his bank account.

The Gregorys were only two of the 140 controversial pardons that Clinton granted on his last day in office as he overruled his own Department of Justice. He also pardoned a violent drug dealer, Carlos Vignali, who was serving a 15-year sentence for cocaine trafficking, a notorious money launderer and tax evader named Almon Braswell and longtime fugitive tax evader Marc Rich, whose former wife has donated big bucks to the Clinton library and Hillary’s senate campaign. Clinton also pardoned his brother, Roger, on drug charges though he got busted for drunk driving and disorderly conduct a year later.

Another infamous Clinton action was commuting the sentences of 16 members of a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the U.S. and had been convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making and sedition.

Bill Clinton may be gone from public office, but Hillary isn’t and that’s why Urban Elephants says she needs to answer for this since it involves her brother and her husband. It goes on to say that George Bush cannot allow this obvious corruption to go uninvestigated.

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