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Judicial Watch • Hillary Boozes It Up With Republicans

Hillary Boozes It Up With Republicans

Hillary Boozes It Up With Republicans

Judicial Watch

The so-called love fest between Hillary Clinton and Republican Arizona Senator John McCain is not limited to official Congressional trips, joint television appearances and their work on the Senate Armed Services Committee. One of Hillary and McCain’s big bonding moments came during a vodka-drinking contest in Estonia.

McCain apparently consumed so much vodka during the official Congressional mission to the Baltics that he said Hillary was engaging and called her “one of the guys.”

A Clinton spokesman said that “what happens in Estonia stays in Estonia,” leading Hammer of Truth to ask if a pro-war tax loving Democratic Senator gets into a drinking contest with a pro-war freedom hating Republican Senator, who will win? We may never find out, because “What happens in Estonia stays in Estonia.”

The question is, how this cozy relationship will be affected as the 2008 presidential campaign gets underway since McCain and Clinton have great aspirations of being the nomination for their respective party and several polls indicate they may very well be.

Clinton has already managed to alienate much of her avid liberal supporters as she shifts to the center. The Gun Toting Liberal won’t vote for Hillary under any circumstances and a recent poll reveals that Clinton is the 2008 presidential candidate that frightens Americans most. Even scarier is how much vodka the New York Senator can pound during tax-payer funded Congressional trips.

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