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Judicial Watch • Judge Protects Mexican Migrant

Judge Protects Mexican Migrant

Judge Protects Mexican Migrant

Judicial Watch

A superior court judge is in trouble for denying an illegal immigrant county protective services and threatening to deport her rather than for ignoring the very federal immigration law he cited from the bench.

Immigrant rights groups and the media have denounced the Los Angeles judge for refusing to grant a woman a restraining order in a domestic abuse case because she is an illegal immigrant but the fact is, Judge Bruce Fink failed to enforce federal immigration law and instead let the woman go after making some blunt remarks.

Now Fink, a veteran family law attorney, is being investigated by the court for insisting the migrant leave the room before he called immigration and had her “sent back to Mexico.” Never mind that he failed to enforce federal law and gave the violator a chance to flee. One outraged legal academic said that denying an illegal immigrant county protection is an “egregious act of judicial misconduct” because one’s immigration status is completely irrelevant.

Since Judge Fink is being chastised for supposedly being a racist, he has vigorously defended the deportation remarks but hasn’t bothered to explain why he disregarded the woman’s illegal status. He told a local newspaper that “we have a federal law that says that this status is not allowed. You can’t just ignore it. What I really wanted was to not give this woman any problems.”

This story tells the whole problem of illegal aliens, according to the California Conservative, which notes that the woman is using county services to protect herself. She wants protection from a husband that is abusing her – and she is using the government of a nation in which she is illegal. Another good point: While she is asking the judge to protect her, who is protecting the taxpayers of America from paying for her social welfare needs while here illegally?

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