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Judicial Watch • Public Official Helps Mexicans Cross Border

Public Official Helps Mexicans Cross Border

Public Official Helps Mexicans Cross Border

Judicial Watch

The leader of a militant organization that advocates open borders and helps Mexicans enter the U.S. illegally also heads an Arizona county office and gets her $80,388 annual salary from taxpayers.

Well-known in Tucson as a pro-illegal immigration advocate and strong critic of the U.S. government’s “anti immigrant fervor and militaristic tactics” at the Mexican border, Isabel Garcia is co-director of a group that aids and abets the violation of federal law. She is also the attorney who heads the Pima County Legal Defender’s office, a sister agency of the Public Defender’s office which represents indigent criminal defendants.

As co-chair of the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders, Garcia strives to promote indigenous sovereignty and culture and claims to address discriminatory border policies. Her organization helps Mexicans in a variety of ways, among them by distributing pamphlets listing their rights when apprehended by U.S. officials.

The group also provides assistance–such as food, water and medical care–to those illegally crossing the border and this week it signed an official agreement with the Mexican government to provide migrants attempting to reach U.S. soil with food, water, footwear and medical care on the Mexican side of the border. In other words, this U.S.-based group will assist people seeking to violate this country’s federal laws.

Perhaps this is why the American Patrol has called on Pima County officials to fire Garcia. The web site documents her questionable actions through the years and calls her a “Mexican agent.”

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