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Judicial Watch • Trashing The Border

Trashing The Border

Trashing The Border

JULY 31, 2006

Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are spent annually to haul away the millions of pounds of trash that illegal border crossers leave in Arizona alone, ruining the various terrains and killing much of the wildlife.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has disclosed that removing all litter from lands just in Southeast Arizona and restoring the environment in that severely damaged area would cost the U.S. Government around $63 million in a program that would span over five years .

The problem is so severe that, during a period from 2002 to 2005, cleanup crews from various federal agencies along with volunteer groups hauled about 250,000 pounds of trash from thousands of acres of federal, state and private lands across Southern Arizona although there was more than 25 million pounds of trash out there. The trash piles up at a much quicker rate than it can be picked up because in one year alone, border crossers from Mexico left nearly 4 million pounds of it.

The trash includes human feces and rotting food, water bottles, clothes, disintegrating toilet paper, medications and homemade weapons. This obviously creates health and safety issues for residents of those areas and visitors to public lands, many of them federally protected landmarks.

Desert Invasion has posted a variety of reports through the years illustrating how illegal immigrants have destroyed national parks, monuments and forests on the U.S. border. The organization calls them National Sacrifice Areas and says that all National Forests along the U.S. southern border are being annihilated by illegal aliens who rampage through and destroy these supposedly protected areas.

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