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Judicial Watch • The Clinton Yucaipa Connection

The Clinton Yucaipa Connection

The Clinton Yucaipa Connection

Judicial Watch

A scandal-ridden billionaire who pays Bill Clinton millions of dollars annually to be an “adviser” is one of Hillary Clinton’s major donors and fundraisers although the New York Senator often votes on legislation that affects his massive empire.
Ron Burkle, the owner of Los Angeles-based equity firm Yucaipa, contributed millions of dollars to Bill Clinton’s campaigns, the Democratic Party and Bill’s longtime wife, Hillary. Burkle also paid a big chunk of the $11 million in legal bills Bill accrued during his presidential scandals and he is a huge benefactor of the Clinton Library in Little Rock.
Yucaipa supposedly operates funds that invest capital into poor urban and rural areas in the United States and abroad, the kind that traditional equity funds and banks are reluctant to serve. Among them is a clothing enterprise owned by multi-millionaire rap mogul Sean Puffy Combs, a major contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns who has vowed to support her White House run in 2008. One writer called this an example of Democratic cronyism.
Hillary has refused to provide details of her hubby’s multi-million dollar ties to Yucaipa, claiming on her 2003 and 2004 Senate financial disclosures that Bill’s only Yucaipa income is “more than $1,000 in guaranteed payments” since some of the payments are back loaded until funds are actually cashed in even though they are guaranteed dollars in the bank.
This kind of deceit may bring back memories of Hillary’s infamous 1978 commodity trade in which she turned an initial investment of $1,000 into $6,300 overnight by ordering cattle futures contracts worth twelve times the amount in her account. In the subsequent ten months of trading the former First Lady made nearly $100,000 thanks to “inside” tips.
These kinds of lies and cover ups are par for the course for Hillary as has been well-documented through the years. This is why Emirates Economy calls Hillary the most ethically-challenged person in her marriage while saving others the trouble of drawing attention to the skeletons in her closet.

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