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Judicial Watch • Defeat Blamed On Fraud, Conspiracy

Defeat Blamed On Fraud, Conspiracy

Defeat Blamed On Fraud, Conspiracy

Judicial Watch

Is voter fraud and political corruption responsible for the reelection defeat of radical Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney or is she simply a paranoid conspiracy theory freak as one blog points out?

The fact is that McKinney is in denial that folks in her Peach State district want her out, first by blaming her recent reelection primary loss on voter fraud and this week attributing her big runoff defeat on Republican crossover voters out to ruin her.

The bottom line is that the race-baiting, cop-assaulting McKinney will no longer represent Georgia’s fourth district and she can’t possibly use her favorite modus operandi-racism–since the man who defeated her is also black. McKinney lost to Hank Johnson by 11,000 votes, or 16% though she insists the election was stolen from her and that a media conspiracy played a big role.

Just last week, McKinney had her attorney send a threatening letter to an Atlanta newspaper demanding that it stop publishing stories that said Johnson was leading her in various polls. McKinney called it “libelist writing” and insisted the paper “cease and desist and offer a retraction.”

The threats didn’t exactly get her more votes and she didn’t go down gracefully. The Glass Half Spilled points out that McKinney’s bitterness was apparent in her “concession” speech which railed against electronic voting and stolen elections. GOP and the City reports that, after playing the blame game, McKinney’s team started beating reporters-the same way that McKinney beat a Capitol Hill police officer for requesting she provide identification.

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