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Judicial Watch • Hillary Blasted in Public Opinion Polls

Hillary Blasted in Public Opinion Polls

Hillary Blasted in Public Opinion Polls

Judicial Watch

Hillary can’t seem to find any middle ground in the polls. Last week’s Gallup poll showed, “that Americans hold fiercely opposing views about her left-leaning political positions, as well as her character and personality traits.” Nearly half the public has an unfavorable opinion of her and those who dislike Hillary used such terms as “aggressive, overbearing, and untrustworthy.”

Polls taken by other organizations generally come to the same conclusion: The American people either love her – or hate her. “Very few people are lukewarm toward her. There is a high intensity on both sides,” said pollster John Zogby. A Time magazine survey also pointed out that Americans see Hillary in a “highly polarized light.”

Judicial Watch has been documenting Hillary’s “aggressive, overbearing, and untrustworthy” traits for years. It was Judicial Watch that uncovered Hillary’s role in the Chinagate and Filegate scandals. And in January, Hillary’s fundraising operation was ordered by the Federal Election Commission to pay $35,000 for failing to accurately report $721,895 in contributions from former Judicial Watch client Peter Paul. (The fine came in response to a complaint filed by Judicial Watch.)

Judicial Watch also recently uncovered documents from the Clinton Presidential Library that prove Hillary was a driving force in executing the Clinton administration’s radical pro-abortion agenda. According to a White House memo, when asked what approach ought to be taken with respect to the Hyde Amendment, rather than rendering a decision, Bill Clinton asked, “What does Hillary think?”

It’s obvious why half the American public has a negative view of Hillary Clinton. Many of her actions during her political career have been corrupt. The real question is – what does the other half see in her?

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